Kobe Steel Distinguished Professorship

The Kobe Steel Distinguished Professorship is a unique and meaningful recognition in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering that comes with a financial benefit in addition to the prestige of the named professorship. Established as a distinction for one professor beginning with Robert Davis in 1988 until his retirement from NC State in 2004, the Kobe Steel professorship was revised with the Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund in 2004, expanding the honor to name three additional faculty members.

About Kobe Steel Group, Ltd.

Founded in 1905 as a steelmaking company, the mission of Kobe Steel β€œprovides solutions to the needs of society, contributes to development, and tackles unique challenges. The company has since grown to encompass materials businesses in steel, aluminum, advanced materials, and welding. Other ventures of Kobe Steel include industrial and construction machinery and electric power.

Current Kobe Steel Distinguished Professors

Past Kobe Steel Distinguished Professors