Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Program

The Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s (ABM) program gives you the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years. Four graduate courses (12 credit hours) can be taken while you are an undergraduate student and can be double-counted towards both your bachelor’s and master’s degree. This allows you to get a non-thesis MMSE degree or a thesis-based MS degree within a year of completing your B.S. degree.


  • You must have completed a minimum of 75 credits hours in your undergraduate program. This includes credits earned from advanced placement.  Students typically apply fall of their junior year. 
  • Transfer students must have completed a minimum of two semesters (24 hours) as full-time students at NC State
  • You must have a minimum overall and major GPA of 3.500.

Degree Options

 MS Degree RequirementsMMSE Degree Requirements
MSE Coursework15 hrs of MSE graduate-level courses18 hrs of MSE graduate-level courses
Additional Coursework9 hrs of graduate-level courses from technical disciplines12 hrs of graduate-level courses from any combination of MSE, chemistry, physics, math, or other engineering courses**
Research6 hrs of MS thesis research*Not required. Research projects cannot be used to fulfill MMSE degree requirements.
ThesisRequiredNot Required
Total Hours3030

*ABM students choosing the MS degree must identify a faculty member willing to provide and supervise a suitable master’s research project. This faculty member will become the chair of the student’s MS thesis committee and will serve as the student’s academic advisor.

**subject to approval by the student’s academic advisor

Allowable Course Substitutions

Students admitted to the program may substitute up to four 400-level undergraduate courses (12 credits) for graduate-level courses: 

Course TitleUndergradGrad

B.S. Required Course

Materials ForensicsMSE 480MSE 580


Nuclear Materials (taught by NE, cross-listed with MSE)NE/MSE 409NE/MSE 509
Processing of Metallic MaterialsMSE 440MSE 540
Ceramic ProcessingMSE 445MSE 545
Polymer Technology and EngineeringMSE 455MSE 555
Composite MaterialsMSE 456MSE 556
Microelectronic Materials Science and TechnologyMSE 460MSE 560
Introduction to NanomaterialsMSE 465MSE 565

*Depending on the concentration chosen, MSE curricula also include three or four elective slots that can be used to complete the other two double-counted courses. These can be chosen from the list in Table 1, from MSE graduate courses not listed in Table 1, or from graduate courses in other disciplines that also satisfy the MS or MMSE degree requirements, as noted in Section 4.

Typical ABM Program Schedule

BS Junior YearOpenApply to Graduate School1 double-counted course
BS Senior YearOpen1 double-counted courseMSE 580 + 1 double-counted course
Master's Year if MS6 hrs of MSE 695 thesis research plus 12 hrs of graduate-level courses consistent with MS degree requirements
Master's Year if MMSE18 cr hrs of graduate-level courses consistent with MMSE degree requirements

Application Procedure, Requirements, Continuing Eligibility, and Withdrawal

Download the ABM Plan of Work: NC State ABM Plan of Work  (PDF 40KB)   |    NC State ABM Plan of Work  (DOCX 16KB)