Undergraduate Education

“Welcome to our family, where we think, do and design the materials that drive our future.”

– Dr. Donald Brenner, Kobe Steel Professor and MSE Department Head

What is Materials Science and Engineering?

Most of the technological innovations that we enjoy today are driven by the discovery of new materials. The future of our world depends on the discovery of new materials that are environmentally friendly, lightweight, sustainable and responsive.

The design of novel materials will enable vehicles that are lighter and more fuel-efficient due to redesigned frames and tires; cell phones and laptops with ultra-thin damage-resistant glass for displays; biomaterials that repair and replace parts of the human body; soft robots that can safely interact with humans; new bionics; and materials for water purification.

MSE at NC State

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at NC State is well-known as a small and friendly department that provides unique and high-impact opportunities for undergraduate students.

Program Highlights

  • Consistently ranked in the top 20 nationally by US News and World Report
  • Two concentration options: Nanomaterials and Biomaterials
  • A 5-year Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s (ABM) program is available for advanced study and further specialization.
  • Small class sizes and close interactions with world-renowned faculty
  • Hands-on laboratory courses in our state of the art facilities
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Two-semester capstone senior design sequence

Future Students

MSE Engagement

Learn about the many ways to enhance your undergraduate experience in the MSE Department.

Career Prospects

An MSE degree is interdisciplinary and, upon graduation, will qualify you for a variety of jobs with an average starting salary of $60-70k per year.

Example Job Titles

Materials Engineer, Product Engineer, Metallurgist Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Failure Analysis Engineer, Renewable Energy Materials Engineer, Biomaterial Engineer, Polymer Materials Engineer, Project Manager

Example Job Description

  • Identify and produce a diverse range of materials for applications of interest
  • Develop and improve methods for the analysis of complex materials
  • Assist in the selection of materials for product application, the calculation of design parameters, the performance of material properties testing
  • Apply scientific methods to resolve technical challenges related to materials and their use in products and processes

Advanced Degree Opportunity

More than 25 percent of all MSE B.S. degree recipients enroll in a graduate degree program at places such as MIT, UC Berkeley, Penn State, Georgia Tech, Purdue, and NC State.

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