A Best-Value Proposition

Our world is driven by the materials that are currently available. Millions of everyday consumer products, machines, and innovative technologies are made better because of a new and improved material. The automobile industry has lighter, fuel efficient car bodies. Cell phone and tablet manufacturers take advantage of ultra-thin, damage-resistant glass for displays. Biomedical device companies are using biologically compatible materials to repair and replace parts of the human body.

In fact, many of today’s industrial problems await materials solutions: electrical engineers ask for better semiconductors, and computer technology demands materials that store more and more information.

Jobs in Materials Science and Engineering

  • Fabricate new materials and/or improve existing materials
  • Develop new ways of producing materials
  • Select materials for parts, devices, and/or systems
  • Conduct failure analysis of materials
  • Analyze the structure of materials to determine properties
  • Determine how materials respond to an external stimulus

Undergraduate Programs (Bachelor of Science degrees)

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at NC State has become well-known as a small and friendly department that provides unique and high-impact opportunities for undergraduate students, including small class sizes, close interactions with faculty, enriching research projects, and high-quality laboratory and senior design experiences.

Application for admission to NC State is handled at the university level.  Once admitted and enrolled, students apply to join the MSE department by meeting the College of Engineering’s Change of Degree Application (CODA) requirements.

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NC State is consistently ranked one of the top values in higher education
in the U.S.: #18 Best Value Public Colleges, Kiplinger’s, #25 Best Value College, ForbesTop 100 Best National Universities U.S. News. We know that money is a big part of your planning, and we have some resources to help.

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International Students

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