What is Materials Science and Engineering?

Nano-characterization of a material

Our world is driven by the materials that are currently available. Millions of everyday consumer products, machines, and innovative technologies are made better because of new and improved materials. The automobile industry has lighter, fuel-efficient car bodies. Cell phone and tablet manufacturers take advantage of ultra-thin, damage-resistant glass for displays. Biomedical device companies are using biologically compatible materials to repair and replace parts of the human body.

In fact, many of today’s industrial problems await materials solutions: electrical engineers ask for better semiconductors, and computer technology demands materials that store more and more information.

The North Carolina State University Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is well-known as a friendly department providing unique and high-impact opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Department Mission

The mission of MSE is to provide students with a sound materials science and engineering education, advance the understanding and application of scientific principles, enhance economic development, and improve the quality of life of our citizens through teaching, research, and outreach programs.

In addition to ensuring that our students are exposed to modern materials science and engineering principles and have access to modern equipment and technology to support their educational experience, the department seeks to create a team-oriented environment throughout our academic enterprise.

Our goal is to produce well-rounded materials scientists and engineers who function effectively in the technical arena as well as possess the skills to assume leadership roles in industry, academia, and government.

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