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Niki Jennings
Department Communicator
MSE Department Communications

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MSE Logos

The MSE logo is the NC State brickTM with the department name spelled out in the Univers font. No ampersands are allowed or shortening of the department name when using the trademarked brick logo. The Univers font does not need to be loaded on your system if you are only using the image. If you want to do copywriting that uses the NC State fonts, you must download Univers and Glypha. However, Arial and Roboto fonts may be used in their place as an approved alternate substitution.

  • The JPG files should be used for PowerPoint, Microsoft Office documents and the web
  • The PNG files offer a transparent background and are good for student research posters or overlaying photos
  • The SVG files have been created as line-art vector files and are the only logos that should be used for print, embroidery, engraving, screen-printing, or other physical media because vector files will print cleanly at any scalable size

If you need other color variations or file formats of our logo, please contact our Department Communicator, Niki Jennings  | |  919.926.8094.







NC State University Logos

For information about NC State University’s brand guidelines, go to

Departmental Description

If you need more detailed information, please contact our Department Communicator Niki Jennings | |  919.926.8094.

50 Words or Less Description

The mission of MSE is to provide a comprehensive materials science and engineering education, advance scientific understanding, support economic development, and enhance quality of life. We aim to cultivate versatile professionals capable of leadership in industry, academia, and government through teamwork, modern resources, and effective teaching.

100 Words or Less Description

The mission of MSE is to provide students with a sound materials science and engineering education, advance the understanding and application of scientific principles, enhance economic development, and improve the quality of life of our citizens through teaching, research, and outreach programs.

In addition to ensuring that our students are exposed to modern materials science and engineering principles and have access to modern equipment and technology to support their educational experience, the department seeks to create a team-oriented environment throughout our academic enterprise.

Our goal is to produce well-rounded materials scientists and engineers who function effectively in the technical arena as well as possess the skills to assume leadership roles in industry, academia, and government.

Social Media Channels

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High-Resolution Faculty Photos

These are 500 x 500 pixel images of our faculty members. To get a copy click on the image, right-click on the full-sized version and then select “Save Image As …”. If you need an even higher resolution version, please contact our Department Communicator Niki Jennings | |  919.926.8094.