MSE Visual Competition Results

The NC State MSE department recently hosted its second visual competition as a way to foster positive morale and encourage a supportive spirit for faculty, staff, and students. After a competitive and nail-biting review by the judging panel, the winners have been selected and we are excited to announce them. Two winners were selected for the main competition.

Unlocking Student Success: Importance of Academic Advising

Effective academic advising is key to connecting students’ academic opportunities with their future goals. It provides a supportive framework that helps students overcome obstacles and encourages personal growth, crucial for both academic success and career preparation. Hillary Stone, as the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Academic Advisor, has enhanced this role by establishing a proactive collaboration with students by utilizing a holistic advising approach.

George Martell: A Journey of Service, Safety and Seamless IT

In the world of IT and safety, George Martell is a seasoned professional who brings a unique blend of perspective and experience to his role as the IT Manager and Safety Officer at NC State’s Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) department. Martell’s journey, both before and during his time at NC State, reveals a story of dedication, resilience, and a commitment to creating a seamless and secure environment for the university’s research community.

Students Use Robotics to Complete Organic Chemistry Lab

With the help of a DELTA Grant, students in the Amassian lab use robotics to complete a chemistry lab remotely. This technology provides a virtual learning opportunity that opens the lab space to all students. Read more about the team’s work!

Research Publication: Show What You Know

DELTA Grants help faculty solve instructional challenges, often in ways that are innovative and unique. Sharing the process, results, and lessons learned through presentations and publications can be a great way to increase the visibility of this work in professional communities. Sharing results is an important, but time-consuming, task for those in academia. Your DELTA…

Prof. Yin Liu Wins NSF CAREER Award for Research in Materials Science

North Carolina State University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering is excited to announce Assistant Professor Yin Liu has been awarded the esteemed National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award. This recognition comes as a testament to his innovative research in electronic and photonic materials and has far-reaching implications for the rapidly evolving fields of optics and nanotechnology.

Scholarship, professorship honor late Wolfspeed founder

John Palmour and his wife, Nancy Palmour, a 1985 alumna of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, had previously established the Palmour Family College of Engineering Fellowship Endowment and the Palmour Family Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Endowment for engineering students.

Growing at Wolfspeed

The founders of Cree, Inc. started a company based on the potential of silicon carbide, a finicky but promising compound long employed as an abrasive but with the potential for much more.