Seminar Archive

Dec 1, 2023Veronica Augustyn, NC State MSE
Nov 17, 2023Peter Sushko, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Nov 10, 2023Lane W. Martin, UC Berkeley
Nov 3, 2023David Kisailus, UC Irvine
Oct 27, 2023Dongwon Shin, Oakridge National LaboratoryModern Supercomputing and Data Analytics for Accelerating the Design of Structural Materials
Oct 20, 2023Carl and Carolyn Koch Lecture Series: Alan Taub, University of MichiganElucidating the Formation Mechanisms and Resulting Microstructures of In Situ Al-TiC Nanocomposites
Oct 13, 2023Junqiao Wu, UC BerkeleyWhat One Material Can Do
Oct 11, 2023Paul Besser, EntegrisMaterials Innovations Driving Microprocessor Performance
Sept 29, 2023Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, University of UtahChirality/Iionic/Spin-Induced Electronic Transfer in Organometal Halide Semiconductors
Sept 22, 2023Julia Dshemuchadse, Cornell UniversityUnderstanding the Self-Assembly of Complex Crystal Structures Through Minimalistic Simulations
Sept 15, 2023Qing Gu, NC State ECE and PhysicsLuminescent Photonic Materials, Metamaterials and Devices
Sept 8, 2023Jay Guo, University of MichiganStructural Colors: Principle, Design, and Realization
Sept 1, 2023Fall 2023 Excellence in NC State MSE Graduate Research. Seminar presented by Alana Pauls, Abdullah Al Shafe, and Jack Almeter. Wang Zhang Awards presented to Venkata Bhuvaneswari Vukkum and Michael Spencer Alana Pauls: “Interface Driven High Fidelity Lithography via Metastable Material States.”
Abdullah Al Shafe: “Rubber Toughened Organic Solar Cells: Miscibility-Morphology-Performance Relations.”
Jack Almeter: “Relaxed AlGaN Via Misfit Dislocation Engineering.”
Aug 30, 2023Uli Lemmer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, GermanyOptoelectronic and Photonic Devices By Inkjet Printing
Aug 25, 2023Andreas Fery, University of DresdenFrom Bioinspired Structure Formation to Particle-Based Metamaterials
Aug 1, 2023Laurent Bellaiche, University of ArkansasDesigning New Materials and Phenomena From Ab-Initio Approaches
July 24, 2023Tim Moore, University of MichiganExploiting Anisotropy for Materials Discovery and Design
July 19, 2023Michael Bodunrin, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, SAAffordable Bio-Implant Materials
June 30, 2023Shan Jiang, Iowa State UniversityBreaking the Symmetry: from Nanoparticle Self-Assembly to In-Space Manufacturing
June 30, 2023Yuntian Zhu, City University of Hong KongHeterostructured Materials: A Fast-Developing New Materials Field
June 13, 2023Kinga A. Unocic, Ph.D., Oak Ridge National LaboratoryInsight into Materials Degradation in Extreme Environments with in situ/operando Electron Microscopy

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