Seminar Archive

Dec 2, 2022James LeBeau, MITScanning transmission electron microscopy in materials science: past, present, and future
Nov 11, 2022Beth Opila, University of VirginiaMaterials Design for Extreme Environment Applications using Rare Earth Silicates and Oxides
Nov 4, 2022Carl Koch, NC State MSEFirst Annual Koch Distinguished Lecture
Oct 28, 2022Jie Yin, NC State MAELeveraging Physical Intelligence for High-Performance Soft Robots
Oct 21, 2022Ichiro Takeuchi, University of MarylandAutonomous combinatorial experimentation for streamlined materials discovery
Oct 14, 2022Bilge Yildiz, MITUnderstanding and tuning the surface chemistry of perovskite oxides to activate oxygen exchange and water splitting
Oct 7, 2022Veerle Keppens, University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleCompositionally complex oxides: synthesis, characterization, challenges, and opportunities
Sept 30, 2022Christopher Rock, NC State ISEMetallurgical Considerations for Additive Manufacturing of Metals and Alloy Development for AM
Sept 23, 2022Scott McCormack, University of California, DavisIn-situ phase equilibria and thermal expansion up to 3000 C and beyond
Sept 16, 2022Sindee Simon, NC State CBEThe Glass Transition and Structural Recovery: Effects of Pressure and Nanoconfinement
Sept 9, 2022Xiaoyue Ni, Duke UniversityHuman-Centered Materials Intelligence
Sept 2, 2022Kelsey Mirrielees, Michael Spencer and Shichen (Mason) Yin, NC State MSEKelsey Mirrielees: Predicting Oxide Reconstructions at AlN and GaN (0001) Surfaces
Michael Spencer: Electrochemical Proton Insertion Modulates the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Tungsten Oxides
Shichen (Mason) Yin: PbS QD for Short-wave Infrared Photodetectors
Aug 26, 2022Jennifer Andrew, University of FloridaMagnetoelectric Nanowires: Synthesis, Assembly, and Applications in Electronics and Biomedicine
April 27, 2022Eric McLamore, Clemson UniversityData-Informed Decision Support: Point of Need Sensors for Testing Water
April 22, 2022Pegah Bagheri, NC State MSE Ph.D. CandidatePoint Defect Management in Ultrawide Bandgap Materials
April 15 , 2022Bharat Gwalani, PNNLDeformation-Induced Modification of Phase Transformation Pathways in Metallic Systems
March 25, 2022Jason Patrick, NC State CCEESustained Self-healing of Woven Fiber-Composite Laminates via In Situ Thermal Remending
March 11, 2022Aleeza Farrukh, University of California, IrvineFrom Biomaterials to Bioelectronic Devices: Precise Control Over Cell Fate
March 4, 2022Andy Nieto, Naval Postgraduate SchoolDesigning Materials for Extreme Environments: Functionally Graded Composites and Coatings using Nanomaterial Reinforcement
February 25, 2022Michael Ford, Lawrence Livermore National LabToward Physical Intelligence Using Functional Soft Matter
February 18, 2022Xiaodan Gu, University of Southern MississippiHarnessing Polymer Physics To Achieve Predictable Design of Soft Electronic Materials For Wearable Applications
February 11, 2022Martin Thuo, Iowa State UniversityInterfaces-Driven Frugal Engineering: From Heat-free Solders to Graphitic Macrotubes
January 28, 2022Richard Spontak, NC State UniversityAn Integrated Materials Approach to Ultraselective Polymer Membranes for Carbon Capture: Breaking through the Upper Bound
January 14, 2022Farshid Ramezanipour, University of LouisvilleMaterial Design for Energy Conversion and Storage: Impact of Structure-Property Relationships

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