Seminar Archive

April 21, 2023Yayoi Takamura, University of California, DavisTopotactic Transformations in Complex Oxide Thin Films
April 14, 2023Rajeev Mishra, University of North Texas
April 7, 2023Shelley Claridge, Purdue UniversityPlenty of Room at the Top: From Molecular to Macroscale Patterning of Hard and Soft Materials
April 5, 2023Shannon Boettcher, University of OregonAkaline-Membrane Electrolysis: Catalyst Fundamentals to Performance, Durability, and Interface Design
March 31, 2023Robert F. Davis Distinguished Lecture Series: Presents Dr. Ramamoorthy Ramesh, Rice UniversityUltra-Low-Voltage: Beyond CMOS Microelectronics
March 28, 2023Scott Danielsen, Duke UniversityMucus, Gels, Coacervates, and other “Sticky” Associative Polymers
March 24, 2023Sergei Kalinin, University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleMachine Learning and Automated Experiment in Microscopy: From Learning Physics to Making Better Materials
Feb 28, 2023Martin Seifrid, University of TorontoEvolving Materials Design Toward the Lab of the Future
Feb 27, 2023Jun Xu, University of North Carolina at CharlotteUnderstanding battery safety issues from a multiphysics perspective
Feb 24, 2023Katherine Sytwu, Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryLights, Camera, Action! Understanding and Controlling Nanoparticle Transformation Dynamics
Feb. 21, 2023Ziying Hu, Northwestern University
Feb 17, 2023Dennis Kim, University of California, Los Angeles
Feb 14, 2023Nairiti Sinha, University of California, Santa BarbaraComputationally-informed peptides as modular building blocks for supramolecular self-assembly
Feb 10, 2023Raymond Unocic, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryIn situ STEM approaches for Interpreting Atomic to Nanoscale Transformation Mechanisms and Kinetics in Functional Nanomaterials
Feb 3, 2023Ekaterina Pomerantseva, Drexel UniversityManeuvering the energy storage properties of nanostructured bilayered vanadium oxides through controlled synthesis
Jan 27, 2023Fred Kish, NC State ECEHeterogeneous Integration and Engineering of Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Jan 20, 2023Franky So, NC State MSEOrganic and Perovskite Photonics: From Spontaneous Light Emission, Lasing to Superfluorescence
Jan 13, 2023Sam Daigle, Laine Taussig and Akhlak-Ul Mahmood, NC State MSESam Daigle: Computational Studies of High Entropy Ceramics
Laine Taussig: Electrostatic Self-Assembly Induces Water-Stabilized PEDOT:PSS for High-Performance OECTs
Akhlak-Ul Mahmood: New Molecular Models and Methods for Simulations of Magnetic Nanoparticles

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