Seminar Archive

Jan 12, 2024Tom Schroeder, NC StatePolymers as Tunable Kinetic Barriers in Energy Transduction and Material Synthesis
Jan 19, 2024Zetian Mi, Univ. of MichiganUltrawide-Bandgap Ferroelectric Nitride Semiconductors: Epitaxy, Properties, and Emerging Device Applications
Jan 26, 2024Stacy Copp, UC IrvineDNA as an Architect for Atomically Precise Silver Nanoclusters
Feb 9, 2024Ellen Cerreta, LANLMaterials for the Future at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Feb 16, 2024Honggyu Kim, Univ. of FloridaUnlocking Phase Complexity in Functional Materials Using 4D-STEM and Machine-Learning-Aided Digital Image Processing
Feb 23, 2024Jordan Hatchel, ORNLThe Monochromated Smörgåsbord: A Feast of New Applications for Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy at Ultrahigh Spatial and Spectral Resolution
March 1, 2024John Reynolds, Georgia TechFrom Spin to Spray to Blade: Processing Pi Conjugated Polymers for Solid State and Redox-Active Applications
March 8, 2024Albert Liu, Univ. of MichiganColloidal Electronic Matter
March 22, 2024Venkat Gopalan, Penn StateProbing Complex Oxides with Nonlinear Optics and Coherent X-rays
April 4, 202413th Annual Robert F. Davis Distinguished Lecture Series Presenting Hiroshi Amano, Nagoya UniversityWide and Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductors: A Journey to the Unknown World
April 12, 2024Seung Sae Hong, UC DavisComplex Oxide Membranes and Their Heterostructures
April 19, 2024Alon Gorodetsky, UC IrvineDynamic Materials Inspired by Cephalopods

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