MSE Graduates Win 2011 MRS Poster Awards

January 20th, 2012

Abhishek Singh, a graduate student from Prof. Yingling's research group, has won the 2011 MRS Fall Meeting Poster Award for his poster titled, "The assembly of gold nanoparticles on DNA: effect of ligands charge and polarity". The poster was co-authored by Nan Li and was sponsored by NSF Triangle MRSEC (

Pictured with Abhishek Singh (center) in the photograph are 2011 MRS Fall Meeting Chairs Kathryn Wahl, Paul Braun, Masashi Kawasaki and Cammy Abernathy.

Carissa L. Goldstein presented a poster with co-authors E. J. Mily, J-P. Maria, D. W. Brenner and D. L. Irving titled First Principles Studies of Oxygen Transfer at Buried Metal/Metal Oxide Interfaces: Implications for the Performance of Energetic Nanolaminates that was honored as a best poster within symposium Y: Advances in Energetic Materials Research at the Fall 2011 MRS meeting. This research project is supported by ARO grant W911NF-10-1-0069.

North Carolina State University