Eman Alhajji accepted into NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program

The National Academy of Engineers Grand Challenge Scholars Program is “a combined curricular and extracurricular program with five components that are designed as a call to action that prepares students to devise societal solutions.” Students in the program are guided through a series of projects which are tailored not only to develop their academic and research experience, but also to demonstrate how to apply their knowledge to global-scale issues. Each student in the program must have the final aim of solving one of the following a real-world issue, each being one of the “Grand Challenges”.

For 2017, MSE undergraduate Eman Alhajji was chosen as one of just fourteen other students from NC State. Professor Franky So will mentor Eman during her journey through the Challenges program. She will be addressing the Grand Challenge of “making solar energy economical”, beginning with time studying abroad at King Abdullah University of Science and Engineering (KAUST). Working Under Profesor Husam Alshareef, Eman’s undergraduate research will involve the emerging technology of Na-ion batteries. Her projects could also include the development of nanomaterials for supercapacitors as well as designing flexible and transparent electronics.

On campus, Eman has been involved with Engineering Open House for two years and plans to participate in the next two. Her future plans also include joining Engineers Without Borders and attending events organized by the Center for Student Leadership.

Congratulations to Eman and the opportunities that await her.

Eman Alhajji

Eman Alhajji