Materials Camp

The MSE Summer Program Workshop, also known as Materials Camp, is held every summer, and provides an opportunity for rising high school juniors and seniors to get a first-hand look at materials science and engineering.

Students will be chosen for the camp based on high school coursework and grades. During their week on the NC State campus, participants will get an overview of materials science through tours of on-campus and non-academic laboratories, demonstrations, lectures and hands-on exposure to scientific instruments.

The deadline for applying is in early April. More information about the program and how to apply is available at Engineering Summer Programs.



"It creates more of an explosive, hollow-sounding 'thunk' as it shatters into thousands of pieces, some weighing a few points, some as fine as dust."

News and Observer

A Tradition

"Watching the ball drop in Times Square is a grand tradition. But for sheer drama, nothing matches the free fall of a 50-pound ball of Silly Putty from the roof of D.H. Hill Library."

NCSU Bulletin

North Carolina State University