Scholarships and Awards

 MSE Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Carl and Evelyn Koch Scholarship in MSE
  • ARAI Charles R. Manning Scholarship
  • Dr. Hans H. Stadelmeier Scholarship in Engineering
  • Dr. Robert F. Stoops Scholarship
  • Fumio Shimura MSE Scholarship
  • Gerald M. & Nancy A. White Scholarship
  • Hayne Palmour III Scholarship in Materials Science Engineering
  • Jacob T. Hooks, Sr. Scholarship in MSE
  • John Archibald Boren Merit Scholarship
  • John B. Ballance / Materials Research Society Scholarship
  • John and Kitty DuPlessis Scholarship
  • Lattice Academic Enhancement Scholarship for MSE
  • Martin W. Parcel Memorial Scholarship
  • Materials Science and Engineering Scholarship
  • Tom & Mimi Cunningham Academic Leadership Scholarship

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Senior Graduation Awards

MSE Valedictorian

This award is given to the highest ranking MSE graduate based on the GPA.

MSE Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award

This award is designed to recognize student exceptional research achievements and outstanding scholarship and creativity while at MSE. Students are chosen based on their research accomplishments and letters of recommendation from research adviser. Factors such as evidence of strong research skills (i.e. participation in conferences and published research papers), innovative and original thinking and promise for future research career will be strongly considered.

MSE Outstanding Student Leadership Award

This award is designed to recognize a student that has demonstrated exceptional leadership through involvement and impact in a student organization, MSE department and/or NC State University, a commitment to developing their leadership ability, and has exceeded the expectations as a departmental citizen. The nomination should reflect accomplishments during their stay at NC State.