Ronald Scattergood



Email: scatterg@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-515-7843

Location: 3078D EB I

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Scattergood's interests include Mechanics and physics of materials, with emphasis on mechanical properties and fracture mechanics. Areas of expertise include mechanical behavior, defect theory, tribology and precision engineering.

Ronald Scattergood was a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory before he joined the NCSU faculty in 1981.

Scattergood's research is aimed at gaining a fundamental understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials. His research group is interested in those aspects of material response which relate to precision engineering and manufacturing. This has been motivated by a variety of research programs at the Precision Engineering Center. Recent work has focused on precision machining and grinding processes for brittle materials used in structural, optical and electrical applications. Developing new experimental techniques and simulation models to investigate the interrelationship between fracture damage, material properties and operational parameters for the process is emphasized. This has involved studies of microstructural constraints and spatial scale on fracture transitions and related effects of cutting chip geometry, cutting grain interaction and machine dynamics.

The research has provided a uniquely new fundamental understanding of the primary relationships, as well as material and machine limitations. Working with industrial partners, his group has been able to identify and improve technology critical to the manufacturing environment.

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