Yuntian Zhu

Distinguished Professor

Yuntian Zhu is a distinguished professor of materials science and engineering. His research in recent years has focused on the deformation mechanisms at dislocation level and mechanical behaviors of heterostructured materials, nano/ultrafine-grained materials, and synthesis and processing of carbon nanotube and CNT composites. He is an experimentalist with primary interest in fundamental aspects of materials research and also in designing materials with superior strength and ductility. He recently received the TMS SMD Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award, NCSU Alumni Distinguished Research Award, and ASM International Albert Sauveur Award, TMS Leadership Award, and IUMRS Sômiya Award. He has been elected Fellows of TMS, ASM International, APS and AAAS. He is among Highly Cited Researchers 2016 by Thomson Reuters.

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Ph.D 1994

Materials Science and Engineering

University of Texas at Austin

M.S. 1991

Materials Science and Engineering

Oregon Graduate Institution of Science and Technology

M.S. 1988

Materials Science and Engineering

Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

B.S. 1983


Hefei University of Technology, China


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