Yin Liu

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yin Liu joined our department as an assistant professor in July 2022. He joins us from Stanford University, where his research is focused on the science and technology of nanomaterials. His lab will develop advanced growth, characterization, and device fabrication methods for low-dimensional (1D and 2D) materials.

Dr. Liu is particularly interested in using TEM imaging and spectroscopy in combination with optical spectroscopy to interrogate the nanoscale optoelectronic and quantum-optical properties of nanomaterials. His study will provide key knowledge enabling the development of advanced devices, including quantum optical circuits, highly efficient solar cells, neuromorphic computing, and novel valleytronic and spintronic devices.


Accelerating Quantum Materials Development with Advances in Transmission Electron Microscopy
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Controlling Valley-Specific Light Emission from Monolayer MoS2 with Achiral Dielectric Metasurfaces
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Chemically Modulating the Twist Rate of Helical van der Waals Crystals
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Growth and Properties of Dislocated Two-dimensional Layered Materials
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Tunable valleytronics with symmetry-retaining high polarization degree in SnSxSe1-x model system
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Yin Liu