Veronica Augustyn

Jake & Jennifer Hooks Distinguished Scholar

Professor Veronica Augustyn is the Jake and Jennifer Hooks Distinguished Scholar in Materials Science and Engineering, a University Faculty Scholar, and an Associate Professor. She is also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Materials Chemistry A and Materials Advances. Her research group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of materials for electrochemical energy and environmental technologies, including batteries, electrochemical capacitors, electrolyzers, and fuel cells. She is interested in the relationships between material composition, structure, and morphology and the resulting electrochemical mechanisms. Her research involves the use of liquid phase and solid state synthesis methods and a variety of in situ and operando electrochemical techniques. She is the faculty advisor of an award-winning international project at NC State, SciBridge, which develops renewable energy research and education collaborations between universities in Africa and the U.S.


Electrode-Potential-Driven Dissociation of N-Heterocycle/BF3 Adducts: A Possible Manifestation of the Electro-Inductive Effect
Hossain, M. S., Romo, A. I. B., Putnam, S. T., Dawlaty, J., Augustyn, V., & Rodriguez-Lopez, J. (2023, May 4), ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION.
Continuous transition from double-layer to Faradaic charge storage in confined electrolytes
Fleischmann, S., Zhang, Y., Wang, X., Cummings, P. T., Wu, J., Simon, P., … Augustyn, V. (2022, March 17), NATURE ENERGY.
Critical Role of Structural Water for Enhanced Li+ Insertion Kinetics in Crystalline Tungsten Oxides
Mitchell, J. B., Wang, R., Ko, J. S., Long, J. W., & Augustyn, V. (2022), JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, 169(3).
Electrochemical proton insertion modulates the hydrogen evolution reaction on tungsten oxides
Spencer, M. A., Fortunato, J., & Augustyn, V. (2022), JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 156(6).
Electrochemical reactivity of atomic and molecular species under solid-state confinement
Fortunato, J., Jordan, J. W., Newton, G. N., Walsh, D. A., & Augustyn, V. (2022). [Review of , ]. CURRENT OPINION IN ELECTROCHEMISTRY, 34.
Introduction to the special collection in memoriam of Susan A. Odom (16 November 1980-18 April 2021)
Augustyn, V., Hatzell, K. B., Malika Jeffries-EL, Lutkenhaus, J. L., & Stingelin, N. (2022, September 15), MATERIALS ADVANCES.
Mesoscale Machine Learning Analytics for Electrode Property Estimation
Kabra, V., Birn, B., Kamboj, I., Augustyn, V., & Mukherjee, P. P. (2022), JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 126(34), 14413–14429.
Transition Metal Oxides for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Nanda, J., & Augustyn, V. (Eds.). (2022). , .
Decoupling Proton and Cation Contributions to Capacitive Charge Storage in Birnessite in Aqueous Electrolytes
Saeed, S., Fortunato, J., Ganeshan, K., Duin, A. C. T., & Augustyn, V. (2021), CHEMELECTROCHEM, 8(22), 4371–4379.
Effects of interlayer confinement and hydration on capacitive charge storage in birnessite
Boyd, S., Ganeshan, K., Tsai, W.-Y., Wu, T., Saeed, S., Jiang, D.-en, … Augustyn, V. (2021, August 2), NATURE MATERIALS.

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Veronica Augustyn