Veronica Augustyn

University Faculty Scholar
Assistant Professor

University Faculty Scholar
Assistant Professor
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  • Engineering Building I (EB1) 3074C
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Prof. Augustyn’s research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of materials for electrochemical energy technologies including batteries, electrochemical capacitors, electrolyzers, and fuel cells. In particular, she is interested in the relationships between material composition, structure, and morphology and the resulting electrochemical mechanisms. Her research involves the use of both liquid phase and solid state synthesis methods and a variety of in situ and operando electrochemical techniques. She also leads an award-winning international project at NC State, SciBridge, which develops renewable energy research and education collaborations between universities in Africa and the U.S.


Augustyn Research Group

SciBridge Project


Postdoctoral Fellow 2013 - 2015

Texas Materials Institute

University of Texas at Austin

Ph.D. 2013

Materials Science and Engineering

University of California, Los Angeles

B.S. 2007

Materials Science and Engineering

University of Arizona

Research Description

The Augustyn Research Group investigates materials at electrochemical interfaces for the development of clean-energy technologies. The science and engineering of materials remain at the forefront of finding viable solutions for the complex and global energy problems. Electrochemical energy technologies, such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries, and electrochemical capacitors are some of the most viable for the clean conversion and storage of energy – but we are far from harnessing their full potential.

Honors and Awards

  • College of Engineering George H. Blessis Advising Award, 2021
  • Department of Energy Early Career Award, 2019
  • Sloan Research Fellow in Chemistry, 2019
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2017
  • Research Corporation for Science Advancement Scialog Fellow, Advanced Energy Storage, 2017
  • BASF VW Award Electrochemistry Finalist, 2017
  • Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, 2016


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Electrochemical Reactivity under Confinement Enabled by Molecularly Pillared 2D and Layered Materials
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Fast Proton Insertion in Layered H2W2O7 via Selective Etching of an Aurivillius Phase
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High Power Energy Storage via Electrochemically Expanded and Hydrated Manganese-Rich Oxides
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Interlayer Separation in Hydrogen Titanates Enables Electrochemical Proton Intercalation
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Pseudocapacitance: From Fundamental Understanding to High Power Energy Storage Materials
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Acquisition of a microscope for in situ studies of hard and soft matter
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