MSE Graduates Win 2011 MRS Poster Awards

Abhishek Singh, a graduate student from Prof. Yingling’s research group, has won the 2011 MRS Fall Meeting
Poster Award for his poster titled, “The assembly of gold nanoparticles on DNA: effect of ligands charge
and polarity”. The poster was co-authored by Nan Li and was sponsored by NSF Triangle MRSEC

Pictured with Abhishek Singh (center) in the photograph are 2011 MRS Fall Meeting
Chairs Kathryn Wahl, Paul Braun, Masashi Kawasaki and Cammy Abernathy.

Carissa L. Goldstein presented a poster with co-authors E. J. Mily, J-P. Maria, D. W. Brenner and D. L. Irving titled First Principles Studies of Oxygen Transfer at Buried Metal/Metal Oxide Interfaces: Implications for the Performance of Energetic Nanolaminates that was honored as a best poster within symposium Y: Advances in Energetic Materials Research at the Fall 2011 MRS meeting. This research project is supported by ARO grant W911NF-10-1-0069.