Successful Fundraising Campaign Boosts NC State MSE

Day of Giving was a record success for NC State MSE, achieving a significant milestone in its fundraising efforts, thanks to the generous contributions of alumni and industry leaders. The department surpassed its fundraising goal of 65 gifts, which unlocked a contribution from MSE alums and co-founders of Wolfspeed (Cree), Calvin Carter and John Edmond. Their combined donation of $10,000, in memory of their colleague and MSE alum, John Palmour, served as a tribute to his legacy at MSE.

Day of Giving ran for 24 hours on Wednesday, March 20, and garnered widespread support from alumni resulting in a total of $78,350 raised through 76 gifts. These funds will be directed toward the Materials Science and Engineering Enhancement Fund to advance the department’s mission and objectives. 

The department sincerely thanks the MSE community of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends who supported the department for Day of Giving 2024.

Notable NC State Alumni who helped make the day even more successful include: 

Jake and Jennifer Hooks (B.S. MSE ’78 and 2015 MSE Hall of Fame Honoree)
Calvin Carter (M.S. MSE ’80 and 2015 MSE Hall of Fame Honoree)
John Edmond (Ph.D. MSE ’87 and 2015 MSE Hall of Fame Honoree)

NC State MSE has a clear and ambitious mission: to provide students with a comprehensive education in materials science and engineering, to advance scientific understanding and application, to contribute to economic development, and to enhance the quality of life through education, research, and outreach programs. This mission aims to produce well-rounded materials scientists and engineers capable of assuming leadership roles in various sectors.

In addition to providing students with access to modern equipment and technology, the department emphasizes a team-oriented environment to foster collaboration and innovation among students, faculty, and industry partners.

The department also competed in the College of Engineering Department Leaderboard challenge. This competition, among the nine engineering departments at NC State, offers a share of $15,000 in prize money from Dean Pfaendtner. The prize money will be distributed based on the number of gifts each department enhancement fund receives, highlighting the significance of every contribution towards supporting educational and research initiatives within the engineering community.

NC State MSE’s achievement in meeting its fundraising goal underscores the dedication of its alumni, industry partners, and supporters toward advancing education and research in materials science and engineering. Through collaborative efforts and continued support, the department remains committed to excellence and innovation in addressing the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

Visit the department’s giving page for more information on how to support NC State MSE.