SOFTWARE (in collaboration with RENCI)

Visualization and analysis tools for biomolecular structure exploration

Tertiary structure analysis of biomolecules provides valuable information on their biochemical functions. The structure-to-function relationship can be directly addressed through three dimensional structure exploration and comparison. We developed a intuitive visual analysis tool for 3D biomolecular structure exploration that allows for a comparison of similar structures from various species, elucidation of structural effects of mutations, and assessment of snapshots from molecular dynamics trajectories.

X3DBio1 (download)

X3DBio1 is for single 3D biomolecular structure exploration and analysis (uses pdb file).

H. Yi, A. Singh, Y. G. Yingling, "X3DBio: A Visual Analysis Tool for Biomolecular Structure Exploration", Proc. SPIE 8294 (2012) 82940S-1-8.

X3DBio2 (download)

X3DBio2 is for multiple 3D structure comparison from similar species, effect of mutations and analysis of snapshots from MD trajectories.

Funded by

Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) and in collaboration with Dr. Hong Yi (RENCI)

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