MSE Scholarships for Sophomores, Junior and Seniors

These scholarships are available exclusively to sophomores, juniors and seniors majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. The award amounts typically range from $650 to $3000 per year. To be considered for these and other College of Engineering scholarships, students must complete a Scholarship Eligibility Form which can be filled out online at:

The Scholarship Eligibility Form must be updated each year, preferably in the spring semester before April 1. Most scholarships are awarded at the end of the spring semester for the upcoming academic year. Typically about 15% of all MSE undergraduates receive some kind of scholarship each year.

  • ARAI-Manning Scholarship - Awarded to MSE majors based on academic merit.

  • John A. Boren Merit Scholarship - Awarded to MSE students of good character. Selection based upon outstanding academic performance.

  • MSE Leadership Scholarship - Awarded to a student with good academic credentials and who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills while at NCSU.

  • Hayne Palmour III Scholarship - Awarded to MSE majors based on academic merit, financial need or a combination of both.

  • SPE Senior Scholarship - Awarded to an MSE senior with good academic credentials and an interest in a career in polymers. Must be an SPE student member and attend 2 SPE local section meetings. A special application must be completed to become eligible for this scholarship (see Edna Deas for an application).

  • Other scholarships - The MSE department has in the past received scholarship funds from Boeing, United Technologies, Northrop-Grumman and Caterpillar. These are merit and diversity scholarships but may not be available every year.

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