Open House

NCSU holds its Open House every year in the fall and the College of Engineering (COE) holds its Open House every year in the spring. The departmental exhibits for the NCSU Open House are in Carmichael Gym, where all of the departments can be visited at once. The spring COE Open House exhibits are located throughout the College of Engineering and are more extensive and hands-on.

We invite you to visit us at either, or both, events.

Some Typical COE Open House Events

  • Nano Ice Cream - Ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen causes a rapid freeze which results in nanoscale ice cream particles. The resulting ice cream has a very smooth texture.

  • Atmospheric Plasma - A demonstration of how materials can be manipulated using atmospheric plasma. Demonstrates how previously unsalvageable waste materials can be recycled.

  • Mechanical Strengthening of Nanomaterials - Metal samples are processed in a way that causes them to form nanoparticles, making the material stronger. Tensile tests are done to prove that this is the case. (A tensile test is where you clamp a specimen into a machine which pulls on both ends of the specimen while measuring the specimen's response to the tension.)

  • Nanoscale Computations - Computer simulations of atomic-scale nanostructures.

  • Gold Nanoparticles - Making of gold nanoparticles. Demonstrates how materials could exhibit different properties when they are small.

  • Nanoscale Imaging - Surfaces are imaged through Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Show you a different world of material surfaces at nanometer scale.

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