Joining MSE

Below we've listed the steps necessary to apply to the university, matriculate into the department, and minor in MSE. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Student Services Assistant Edna Deas or Director of Undergraduate Programs Dr. Cheryl Cass for more information.

Applying to the University

Matriculating into Materials Science and Engineering

Minoring in Materials Science and Engineering

  • Make an appointment with Dr. Cheryl Cass, Director of Undergraduate Programs for advising.

  • Complete the required courses.

  • See Edna Deas in 3078 Engineering Building I (EB I) for an Application for Minor.

  • Fill out the Application for Minor and have it signed by Dr. Cheryl Cass and the department head, Dr. Schwartz.

  • Turn in the form to the Student Services Assistant of the department in which you are majoring.

North Carolina State University