About MSE

The mission of the NCSU Department of Materials Science and Engineering is to provide students with a sound materials engineering education, advance the understanding and application of scientific principles, enhance economic development, and improve the quality of life of our citizens through teaching, research, and outreach programs.

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In addition to ensuring that our students are exposed to modern materials engineering principles and have access to modern equipment and technology to support their educational experience, the Department seeks to create a team-oriented environment throughout our academic enterprise.

Our goal is to produce well-rounded materials engineers who can function effectively in the technical arena as well as possess the skills to assume leadership roles in industry, academia, and government.

Jobs In Materials

Materials based careers range from Research and Development to New Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing, or Manufacturing Leadership. Materials Science is a broad, interdisciplinary field and provides a great technical education for engineers who want to practice in other fields but develop an engineering background as an undergraduate: business, law, teaching, military or government.

Who can I work for?

Materials Scientists and Engineers are essential in every field, including:

  • Energy Industry

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Semiconductors Design and Fabrication

  • Advanced Textiles

  • Aircraft Industry

  • Oil Industry

  • Plastics Industry

  • Metals Industry

  • Ceramics Industry

  • Transportation

  • Government

How's the pay?

The average starting salary in 2008 was $58,688 (from the annual National Association of Colleges and Employers annual salary survey).

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