Hooman Mohseni
EECS Department and Department of Physics & Astronomy
Northwestern University

Selective Light-Matter Interaction using Photonic Jets and Optical Antenna

Location: EB1 Room 1011

Friday, November 11th 2016 - 11:00 am

Controlling light-matter interaction across the energy and momentum space presents a powerful tool in many fields, such as optical sensing and energy harvesting. I present our recent work on devices based on Photonic Jet and Optical Antenna that show significant enhancement of light coupled to sub-wavelength semiconductor devices. These enhancements can be designed to be extremely directional, which could result in unusual properties. For example, we show that it is possible to surpassing the commonly used thermodynamic limit of sensing called background limited infrared photodetection (BLIP). I will also show an unusual property of Photonic Jets in making arbitrary periodic patterns as small as 80 nm, using a single UV exposure and over centimeter size areas. I show perfect absorbers that we made using this high-throughput method.

North Carolina State University