Ulrich Wiesner
Cornell University

Nanostructured Hybrid Materials: Experiments, Theory and Applications

Location: EB1 Room 1011

Friday, September 11th 2015 - 11:00 am

This seminar has been cancelled - reschedules will be reflected on the following page:

Solutions to global problems including energy conversion and storage, clean water and human health require increasingly complex, multi-component hybrid materials with unprecedented control at the nanoscale. This talk will give examples for the rational design of novel functional hybrid materials with hierarchical order from the near-molecular to the meso- or macroscales. These materials are often based on the self-assembly of polymeric structure directing molecules into organic-inorganic hybrid materials. Discussion will include formation of porous materials with amorphous, polycrystalline, and epitaxially grown single-crystal structures. Experiments will be compared to theoretical predictions to provide physical insights into formation principles. The aim of the described work is to understand the underlying fundamental chemical, thermodynamic and kinetic formation principles enabling generalization of results over a wide class of materials systems. Examples will cover the formation of structures at equilibrium as well as via processes far away from equilibrium. Targeted applications of the prepared materials will include the development of nanoparticles for nanomedicine, mesoporous electrodes for energy conversion and storage devices, as well as the formation of metamaterials for optical devices and sensors.

North Carolina State University