Orlando Auciello
University of Texas, Dallas

Science and Technology of Multifunctional Oxide and Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD) Films and Applications to a New Generation of Multifunctional Devices

Location: EB1 Room 1011

Friday, September 5th 2014 - 11:00 am

Research and development on novel multifunctional oxide and nanocarbon thin films are providing the bases for new physics, new materials science and chemistry, and their impact in a new generation of multifunctional devices for energy generation, storage and saving, a new generation of high-density super-low energy consumption non-volatile memories, and a new generation of medical devices. This talk will focus on discussing a new paradigm in multifunctional oxide and novel ultrananocrystalline diamond UNCD) thin films and their integration, which is enabling devices as described below:

1. Science and technology of complex oxide thin films and technological applications:

a) Brief overview of R&D, which started at NCSU in the 80's and contributed to the development of non-volatile ferroelectric memories (FeRAMS), now in the market;
b) Novel TiO2/Al2O3 superlattices, exhibiting giant dielectric constant (up to k=1000), low leakage current (10-7-10-9 A/cm2) and low losses (? tang d=0.04), based on new physics underlined by the Maxwell-Wagner relaxation mechanism, enable a new generation of energy storage microchip embedded capacitors for new electronics, including electronics implantable in the human body, the next generation of gates for nanoscale low energy consumption CMOS devices, and super-capacitors for energy storage systems;
c) Novel transition metal oxide (TMO) films integrated into a new generation of super-low energy consumption non-volatile memories based on resistance change via quantum correlated electrons producing a metal-insulating Mott transition.

2. Science and technology of novel UNCD films and applications to macro. micro, and nanotechnologies: UNCD films co-developed and patented by Prof. Auciello and colleagues are synthesized by a novel microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition technique using an Ar-rich/CH4 chemistry that produces films with 2-5 nm grains, thus the name UNCD to distinguish them from nanocrystalline diamond films with 30-100 nm grains. The UNCD films exhibit a unique combination of outstanding mechanical, trtibological, electrical, thermal, and biological properties, which already resulted in industrial components and devices currently commercialized by Advanced Diamond Technologies (a company co-founded by O. Auciello and colleagues in 2003). Devices and systems reviewed include: a) UNCD-coated mechanical pump seals, providing up to 20% energy cost saving via friction reduction, for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and car industries (shipping to market); b) UNCD-coated bearings for mixers for the pharmaceutical industry (shipping to Merck-Millipore market); c) new electrically conductive UNCD-coated metal electrodes for water purification system, which outperform all other electrodes in the market today (shipping to market); d) UNCD-based MEMS energy harvesting devices and biosensors; g) potential NEMS switch-based logic with lower energy consumption; e) New generation of Li-ion batteries and Thermal Li-Sulfur batteries with ? 10x longer life and reduced size, using UNCD-based coatings technology for new anodes, membranes and inner wall battery case chemically resistant coating; f) new generation of medical devices (e.g., artificial retina to restore partial sight to blind people, dental implants, hips, knees, and more) based on biocompatible UNCD coatings, which are in the process of being developed for commercialization through a second company (Original Biomedical Implants (OBI)) co-founded by Auciello and colleagues in 2013.

Orlando Audiello is Endowed Chair Professor at the University of Texas-Dallas (Materials Science/Engineering and Bioengineering Departments).

Auciello graduated with M.S. (1973) and Ph.D (1976) degrees in Physics from the Physics Institute "Dr. Balseiro" (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina). He also studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Cordoba-Argentina (1964-1970).

Auciello was a Researcher at the University of Toronto-Canada (1979-1984), Associate Professor at North Carolina State University (1985-1988), and Senior Research Scientist at the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (1988-1996). He was a Senior Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory (1996-2005) and then a Distinguished Argonne Fellow (2005-2012). He is an Adjunct Professor at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and Michigan State University.

He is directing basic and applied research programs on different fields, involving multi-component oxide thin films and application to systems and devices (ferroelectric memories, resistive change memories, nanoscale CMOS devices, photovoltaic energy generation / storage devices, high-frequency devices, piezoelectric thin films for MEMS/NEMS sensors and actuators); and nanocarbon thin films (ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) and graphene films) and applications to industrial, electronics, MEMS/NEMS, and implantable medical devices). The UNCD film technology is now commercialized for industrial components and systems by Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT), a Company founded by Auciello and Carlisle, spun-off from Argonne in 2003, and by Original Biomedical Implants (OBI), a company founded by Auciello and Gurman (MD), in 2013, for commercializing a new generation of UNCD-coated implantable medical devices.

Auciello has edited 20 books on various topics, published about 500 articles in the fields described above, holds 20 patents, and organized, chaired, and lectured at numerous national and international conferences. He is associate editor of Appl. Phys. Lett., Integrated Ferroelectrics, and editor of two book series on thin films and applications to devices (Academic Press). He was member the MRS Board of Directors (2000-2003), Co-Chair MRS International Relations Committee, and President of the MRS in 2013.

He has numerous Awards, including seven R&D 100 Awards, 2003 Hispanic Engineering National Achievement Award, 2006 Federation of National Laboratories Award, 2008 University of Chicago Distinguished Performance Award, and is a Fellow of the AAAS and MRS.

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