Cathy Foley
Deputy Director and Science Director
CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship

Development of HTS SQUIDs and Josephson junctions for Application: the joy and the pain

Location: EB1 Room 1011

Friday, October 24th 2014 - 11:00 am

With the discovery of HTS superconductivity in the later 1980's CSIRO has undertaken a research and development program. Over that time CSIRO has developed a step edge Josephson junction that has many attributes that has enabled its use in SQUIDs and other devices. These device avhe been used for a range of applications including mineral exploration, THz imaging, SQIF array antennas to name a few. This talk will be about the development of the Josephson junction and its parameters that make it useful, details of many applications and the trials and tribulations to commercialize superconducting systems.

North Carolina State University