Steven May
Drexel University
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering

Anion-based approaches to engineering functionality in perovskite oxide heterostructures

Location: EB1 Room 1011

Friday, March 28th 2014 - 11:00 am

Scientific interest in ABO3 perovskite oxides remains intense due to the wide range of physical behavior present in these materials. Recent advances in thin film deposition techniques, such as molecular beam epitaxy, have made it possible to synthesize perovskite heterostructures and superlattices with abrupt interfaces. However, the ability to control the position and composition of the anion site remains a largely unexplored means to tune properties in epitaxial perovskites. This talk will focus on recent and ongoing efforts aimed at developing anion-based approaches to tailor electronic, optical and magnetic properties in oxide films. First, I will discuss how the position of the oxygen anions can be controlled to stabilize non-bulk-like bond angles and lengths, thereby altering electronic and magnetic behavior. In the second half of the talk, I will describe efforts focused on altering the composition of the anion site. In La1/3Sr2/3FeO3-δ films, a reversible change in oxygen content can be used to alter the room temperature resistivity by five orders of magnitude. Finally, I will describe how our group has realized oxyflouride thin films utilizing post-growth polymer-assisted processes on epitaxial ferrites and nickelates.

North Carolina State University