Rachel Broughton

Materials Science and Engineering

Nathanael Brown

Materials Science and Engineering

Samuel Daigle

Materials Science and Engineering

Hannah Dedmon

Textiles Engineering Chemistry and Science

Timothy Eldred

Materials Science and Engineering

Stephen Funni

Materials Science and Engineering

Rishabh Guha

Mechanical Engineering

Corrado Harper

Materials Science and Engineering

Alexandra Henriques

Materials Science and Engineering

Leila Khalil

Materials Science and Engineering

Matthew Manning

Materials Science and Engineering

Antonio Marston

Materials Science and Engineering

Jacob Mauthe

Materials Science and Engineering

Kelsey Mirrielees

Materials Science and Engineering

Owen Rettenmaier

Materials Science and Engineering

Sihan Wang

Materials Science and Engineering

Cordell Wells

NCCU Mathematics

Harald Ade



Elizabeth Dickey

Distinguished Professor and Associate Department Head


Douglas Irving

Associate Professor


Caesar Jackson

Professor of Physics, North Carolina Central University

Jacob Jones



Jim Martin



Melissa Pasquinelli

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Forest Biomaterials


Srikanth Patala

Assistant Professor


Brian Reich

Gertrude M Cox Distinguished Professor


Ralph Smith

Assoc. Dir. Of CRSC., Professor


Kimberly Weems

Professor of Mathematics, North Carolina Central University

Alyson Wilson

Assoc Vice Chancellor


Ashleigh Wright

Program Coordinator


Internal Advisory Board
Name Title
Bertha Chang Associate Head, NCSU Libraries Collections & Research Strategy
Roy Charles Diversity Director, FREEDM & ASSIST Engineering Research Centers
Jo-Ann Cohen Professor, Department of Mathematics
Marcia Gumpertz Professor of Statistics (Former Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity)
Doug Reeves Associate Dean, College of Engineering Graduate and International Programs
David Shafer Assistant Dean for Outreach & Diversity, Graduate School
Ontario Wooden NCCU, Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovative, Engaged, and Global Education
External Advisory Board
Name Title
Kristen Brosnan Technology Manager -Metals & Ceramics, GE Global Research
Matthew Burch Senior Research Scientist, 3M (NCSU MSE PhD 2016)
John Daniels Associate Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales
Sergei Kalinin Distinguished Research Staff Member, The Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, Oak Ridge National Lab
Igor Levin Leader, Materials Structure and Data Group, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Bryce Meredig Founder & Chief Science Officer, Citrine Informatics
Eric Stach Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
Stephen Streiffer Director, Advanced Photon Source and Associate Laboratory Director, Photon Sciences, Argonne National Lab

Noel Bourne

Howard University, Mathematics, Ph.D. (matriculating)

Matthew Cabral

Postdocotoral Researcher, Carnegie Mellon

Jocelyn Chi

Postdoctoral Researcher, UCLA

Nicole Creange

Postdoctoral Researcher, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Vincent Davis

NC State, Mathematics, Ph.D. (matriculating)

Lider Leon

Analyst, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

Antonio Marston

NC State, Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D. (matriculating)

Shana McDowell

NC State Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Ph.D. (matriculating)

Matthew Miller

Data Scientist, Google, Inc.

Funmi Noiki

NC State, Biomedical Engineering, Ph.D. (matriculating)

Thomas Oweida

FTL Principal Systems Engineer (Scrum Master/Software Developer), Northrop Grumman

James Peerless

Data Scientist, Citrine Informatics

Aubrey Penn

TEM Research Specialist at MIT.nano, MIT