The following publications feature research conducted by Trainees, faculty, and postdocs of the SEAS program.

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    Theses & Dissertations

  23. Creange, N.C. Multi-length Scale Characterization of Resistance Degradation in Dielectric Titanates. Ph.D. Dissertation, North Carolina State University (2020) URI:
  24. McDowell, S.M. A Sequential Analysis of X-ray Diffraction Data, M.S. Thesis, North Carolina Central University (2019) ISBN: 1085656225, 9781085656221
  25. Davis, V.O. A Neural Networks Approach to Predicting the Orientation of Images Collected from Electron Backscatter Diffraction Patterns, M.S. Thesis, North Carolina Central University (2019) ISBN: 9781088331644, 1088331645
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  29. Bourne, N., Small Frobenius Functionals on the Maximal Parabolic Subalgebras of sl(n,F), M.S. Thesis, North Carolina Central University (2018) ISBN: 0438267311, 9780438267312

    Book Chapters

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    NRT-Motivating Publications by SEAS Faculty

  • Monitoring charge separation processes in quasi-one-dimensional organic crystalline structures
    Adrian Popescu, Robert A. Younts, Benjamin Hoffman, Terry McAfee, Daniel B. Dougherty, Harald W. Ade, Kenan Gundogdu, and Igor V. Bondarev
    doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b02471
  • Statistical and image analysis for characterizing simulated atomic-scale damage in crystals
    D. Li, B.J. Reich, D.W. Brenner
  • How predictable is plastic damage at the atomic scale?
    D. Li, E. W. Bucholz, G. Peterson, B.J. Reich, J. C. Russ, and D.W. Brenner
  • Use of Bayesian Inference in Crystallographic Structure Refinement via Full Diffraction Profile Analysis
    Chris M. Fancher, Zhen Han, Igor Levin, Katharine Page, Brian J. Reich, Ralph C. Smith, Alyson G. Wilson & Jacob L. Jones
  • A Bayesian approach to modeling diffraction profiles and application to ferroelectric materials
    T. Iamsasri, J. Guerrier, G. Esteves, C. M. Fancher, A. G. Wilson, R. C. Smith, E. A. Paisley, R. Johnson-Wilke, J. F. Ihlefeld, N. Bassiri-Gharb and J. L. Jones
  • A three-dimensional polyhedral unit model for grain boundary structure in fcc metals
    Arash Dehghan Banadaki & Srikanth Patala
  • Lowest energy Frenkel and charge transfer exciton intermixing in one-dimensional copper phthalo-cyanine molecular lattice
    I.V. Bondarev, A. Popescu, R. A. Younts, B. Hoffman, T. McAfee, D.B. Dougherty, K. Gundogdu, and H.W. Ade
  • Quantification of parameter and model uncertainty for shape memory alloy bending actuators
    John H Crews, Ralph C Smith
    doi: 10.1177/1045389X13490842
  • Quantification of parameter uncertainty for robust control of shape memory alloy bending actuators
    John H Crews, Jerry A McMahan, Ralph C Smith and Jennifer C Hannen