Emerging Data Science Initiatives Symposium

The Data-Enabled Science and Engineering of Atomic Structure (SEAS) NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) hosted its second Emerging Data Science Initiatives in Materials Research, Development, and Manufacturing Symposium in conjunction with our external advisory board (EAB) meeting. The EAB is comprised of engineering professionals with expertise in materials data science, and careers in academia, industry, and national laboratories. Thus, this event was a great opportunity to educate our graduate students about industry and national laboratory responses to the increasing availability of data in materials research, processing and manufacturing. The event was advertised widely throughout relevant departments in the College of Engineering and Sciences. Graduate students, including students from Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecuar Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, as well as, our Bridge-to-PhD students (Master’s level, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, students from North Carolina Central University), shared their research during a poster session.


Dr. James Peerless addressing the audience with his experiences as a data scientist

SEAS and MSE PhD alumni (2019), James Peerless, served as our keynote speaker to discuss his journey to becoming a Data Scientist at Citrine Informatics. The networking dinner was a dynamic exchange of information that showcased the student’s research activities, highlighted industry/national laboratory perspectives on data sciences, and illuminated the anticipated qualities of scientists and engineers that will pioneer advances in data-enabled science and engineering of materials.