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Title Journal Year
Doping and compensation in Al-rich AlGaN grown on single crystal AlN and sapphire by MOCVD Applied Physics Letters, 112(6). Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Washiyama, S., Reddy, P., Gaddy, B., Sarkar, B., Breckenridge, M. H., Guo, Q., Bobea, M., Tweedie, J., Mita, S., Irving, D., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2018
Point defect reduction in MOCVD (Al)GaN by chemical potential control and a comprehensive model of C incorporation in GaN Journal of Applied Physics, 122(24). Reddy, P., Washiyama, S., Kaess, F., Kirste, R., Mita, S., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2017
High temperature and low pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride on AlGaN: Band offsets and passivation studies Journal of Applied Physics, 119(14). Reddy, P., Washiyama, S., Kaess, F., Breckenridge, M. H., Hernandez-Balderrama, L. H., Haidet, B. B., Alden, D., Franke, A., Sarkar, B., Kohn, E., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2016
Strain engineered high reflectivity DBRs in the deep UV Proceedings of SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering, 9748). Franke, A., Hoffmann, P., Hernandez-Balderrama, L., Kaess, F., Bryan, I., Washiyama, S., Bobea, M., Tweedie, J., Kirste, R., Gerhold, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2016
Correlation between mobility collapse and carbon impurities in Si-doped GaN grown by low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition Journal of Applied Physics, 120(10). Kaess, F., Mita, S., Xie, J. Q., Reddy, P., Klump, A., Hernandez-Balderrama, L. H., Washiyama, S., Franke, A., Kirste, R., Hoffmann, A., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2016
Charge neutrality levels, barrier heights, and band offsets at polar AlGaN Applied Physics Letters, 107(9). Reddy, P., Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Tweedie, J., Washiyama, S., Kirste, R., Mita, S., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2015

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