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Title Journal Year
Theory and modelling of diamond fracture from an atomic perspective Philosophical Transactions. Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences., 373(2038). Brenner, D. W., Shenderova, O. A. 2015
Tribological properties of polyalphaolefin oil modified with nanocarbon additives Diamond and Related Materials, 54, 97-102. Nunn, N., Mahbooba, Z., Ivanov, M. G., Ivanov, D. M., Brenner, D. W., & Shenderova, O. 2015
Tribological properties of nanodiamonds in aqueous suspensions: effect of the surface charge RSC Advances, 5(96), 78933-78940. Liu, Z. J., Leininger, D., Koolivand, A., Smirnov, A. I., Shenderova, O., Brenner, D. W., & Krim, J. 2015
Electrostatically mediated adsorption by nanodiamond and nanocarbon particles Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 14(3). Gibson, N. M., Luo, T. J. M., Shenderova, O., Koscheev, A. P., & Brenner, D. W. 2012
First-principles-based mesoscale modeling of the solute-induced stabilization of < 1 0 0 > tilt grain boundaries in an Al-Pb alloy Acta Materialia, 59(18), 7022-7028. Purohit, Y., Sun, L., Shenderova, O., Scattergood, R. O., & Brenner, D. W. 2011
Immobilization of mycotoxins on modified nanodiamond substrates Biointerphases, 6(4), 210-217. Gibson, N. M., Luo, T. J. M., Brenner, D. W., & Shenderova, O. 2011
Fluorescent dye adsorption on nanocarbon substrates through electrostatic interactions Diamond and Related Materials, 19 2-3) (pp. 234-237). Gibson, N. M., Luo, T. J. M., Shenderova, O., Choi, Y. J., Fitzgerald, Z., & Brenner, D. W. 2010
Colloidal stability of modified nanodiamond particles Diamond and Related Materials, 18(4), 620-626. Gibson, N., Shenderova, O., Luo, T. J. M., Moseenkov, S., Bondar, V., Puzyr, A., Purtov, K., Fitzgerald, Z., & Brenner, D. W. 2009
Carbon nanostructures: Morphologies and properties Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 4(2), 199-221. Hu, Y. H., Shenderova, O. A., & Brenner, D. W. 2007
The adsorption of aflatoxin B1 by detonation-synthesis nanodiamonds Doklady. Biochemistry and Biophysics, 417(1), 299-301. Puzyr, A. P., Purtov, K. V., Shenderova, O. A., Luo, M., Brenner, D. W., & Bondar, V. S. 2007
Nanodiamond and onion-like carbon polymer nanocomposites Diamond and Related Materials, 16(4-7), 1213-1217. Shenderova, O., Tyler, T., Cunningham, G., Ray, M., Walsh, J., Casulli, M., Hens, S., McGuire, G., Kuznetsov, V., & Lipa, S. 2007
Carbon nanostructures for advanced composites Reports on Progress in Physics, 69(6), 1847-1895. Hu, Y. H., Shenderova, O. A., Hu, Z., Padgett, C. W., & Brenner, D. W. 2006
Thermal conductivity of diamond nanorods: Molecular simulation and scaling relations Nano Letters, 6(8), 1827-1831. Padgett, C. W., Shenderova, O., & Brenner, D. W. 2006
Self-consistent tight binding model adapted for hydrocarbon systems Molecular Simulation, 31(8), 585-595. Areshkin, D. A., Shenderova, O. A., Schall, J. D., & Brenner, D. W. 2005
Diamond nanorods Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. B, Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures, 23(6), 2457-2464. Shenderova, O. A., Padgett, C. W., Hu, Z., & Brenner, D. W. 2005
Electron emission properties of detonation nanodiamonds Physics of the Solid State, 46(4), 657-661. Zhirnov, V. V., Shenderova, O. A., Jaeger, D. L., Tyler, T., Areshkin, D. A., Brenner, D. W., & Hren, J. J. 2004
Electronic properties of diamond clusters: self-consistent tight binding simulation Diamond and Related Materials, 13(10), 1826-1833. Areshkin, D. A., Shenderova, O. A., Adiga, S. P., & Brenner, D. W. 2004
A self-consistent tight binding model for hydrocarbon systems: application to quantum transport simulation Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter, 16(39), 6851-6866. Areshkin, D. A., Shenderova, O. A., Schall, J. D., Adiga, S. P., & Brenner, D. W. 2004
The atomic computer simulation of triple junctions of special tilt boundaries in nickel Physics of Metals and Metallography, 98(4), 339-343. Nazarov, A. A., Shenderova, O. A., & Brenner, D. W. 2004
Bonding and stability of hybrid diamond/nanotube structures Molecular Simulation, 29(4), 259-268. Shenderova, O. A., Areshkin, D., & Brenner, D. W. 2003
Convergence acceleration scheme for self-consistent orthogonal- basis-set electronic structure methods Molecular Simulation, 29(4), 269-286. Areshkin, D. A., Shenderova, O. A., Schall, J. D., & Brenner, D. W. 2003
Would diamond nanorods be stronger than fullerene nanotubes? Nano Letters, 3(6), 805-809. Shenderova, O., Brenner, D., & Ruoff, R. S. 2003
Diffusion-accomodated rigid-body translations along grain boundaries in nanostructured materials Materials Science & Engineering. A, Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing, 359(02-Jan), 247-252. Bachurin, D. V., Nazarov, A. A., Shenderova, O. A., & Brenner, D. W. 2003
On the origin and energy of triple junction defects due to the finite length of grain boundaries Interface Science, 11(4), 417-424. Nazarov, A. A., Bachurin, D. V., Shenderova, O. A., & Brenner, D. W. 2003
Carbon nanostructures Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences, 27(3-4), 227-356. Shenderova, O. A., Zhirnov, V. V., & Brenner, D. W. 2002

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