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Title Journal Year
Transmission electron microscopy studies of regrown GaN Ohmic contacts on patterned substrates for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor applications Applied Physics Letters, 90(20). Saripalli, Y. N., Pei, L., Biggerstaff, T., Ramachandran, S., Duscher, G. J., Johnson, M. A. L., Zeng, C., Dandu, K., Jin, Y., & Barlage, D. W. 2007
SIMS quantification of matrix and impurity species in AlxGa1-xN Applied Surface Science, 252(19), 7228-7231. Gu, C. J., Stevie, F. A., Hitzman, C. J., Saripalli, Y. N., Johnson, M., & Griffis, D. P. 2006
Properties of III-N MOS structures with low-temperature epitaxially regrown ohmic contacts Journal of Crystal Growth, 287(2), 562-565. Saripalli, Y. N., Zeng, C., Long, J. P., Barlage, D. W., Johnson, M. A. L., & Braddock, D. 2006
Optical spectroscopic analysis of selected area epitaxially regrown n(+) gallium nitride Journal of Applied Physics, 99(12). Wang, D., Park, M., Saripalli, Y. N., Johnson, M. A. L., Zeng, C., Barlage, D. W., & Long, J. P. 2006
Optical characterization of Eu-doped beta-Ga2O3 thin films Applied Physics Letters, 88(22). Gollakota, P., Dhawan, A., Wellenius, P., Lunardi, L. M., Muth, J. F., Saripalli, Y. N., Peng, H. Y., & Everitt, H. O. 2006
Characterization and modeling of AlGaN/GaN MOS capacitor with leakage for large signal transistor modeling IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 15(10), 664-666. Dandu, K., Saripalli, Y., Braddock, D., Johnson, M., & Barlage, D. W. 2005

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