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Title Journal Year
Simulation of void and oxygen precipitation processes during high temperature annealing of silicon wafers Journal of Applied Physics, 85(9), 6408-6414. Romanowski, A., Rozgonyi, G., & Tamatsuka, M. 1999
Bias dependent contrast mechanisms in EBIC images of MOS capacitors Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 146(4), 1529-1535. Kirk, H. R., Radzimski, Z., Romanowski, A., & Rozgonyi, G. A. 1999
Oxide precipitate-induced dislocation generation in heavily boron-doped Czochralski silicon Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 146(9), 3461-3465. Ono, T., Romanowski, A., Asayama, E., Horie, H., Sueoka, K., Tsuya, H., & Rozgonyi, G. A. 1999
Frequency-resolved microwave reflection photoconductance Journal of Applied Physics, 83(12), 7730-7735. Romanowski, A., Buczkowski, A., Karoui, A., & Rozgonyi, G. A. 1998
Metallic impurity gettering and secondary defect formation in megaelectron volt self-implanted Czochralski and float-zone silicon Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 144(8), 2872-2881. Brown, R. A., Kononchuk, O., Bondarenko, I., Romanowski, A., Radzimski, Z. J., Rozgonyi, G. A., & Gonzalez, F. 1997

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