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Title Journal Year
Tensile fatigue behavior and crack growth in GdBa2Cu3O7-(x)/stainless-steel coated conductor grown via reactive co-evaporation Superconductor Science & Technology, 30(4). Rogers, S., & Schwartz, J. 2017
Effects of room-temperature tensile fatigue on critical current and n-value of IBAD-MOCVD YBa2Cu3O7-x/Hastelloy coated conductor Superconductor Science & Technology, 29(8). Rogers, S., Chan, W. K., & Schwartz, J. 2016
Interactive web applications for clinical trial simulation and reporting: R Shiny with 'adsim' package for model-based simulation in Alzheimer's disease Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, 43, S98S98. Wang, H. Y., Polhamus, D., Rogers, J., Romero, K., Gaitonde, P., Corrigan, B., & Ito, K. 2016
Current density and quench behavior of MgB2/Ga composite wires IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 25(6). Ishmael, S. A., Rogers, S., Hunte, F., Naderi, G., Roach, C., Straka, W., & Schwartz, J. 2015
Ultra-high tunability in polycrystalline Ba1-xSrxTiO3 thin films Applied Physics Letters, 105(7). Harris, D. T., Lam, P. G., Burch, M. J., Li, J., Rogers, B. J., Dickey, E. C., & Maria, J. P. 2014
Driver distraction and performance effects of highway logo sign design Applied Ergonomics, 44(3), 472-479. Zhang, Y., Harris, E., Rogers, M., Kaber, D., Hummer, J., Rasdorf, W., Hu, J. 2013
Conduction band-edge states associated with the removal of d-state degeneracies by the Jahn-Teller effect IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, 5(1), 65-83. Lucovsky, G., Fulton, C. C., Zhang, Y., Zou, Y., Luning, J., Edge, L. F., Whitten, J. L., Nemanich, R. J., Ade, H., Schlom, D. G., Afanase'v, V. V., Stesmans, A., Zollner, S., Triyoso, D., & Rogers, B. R. 2005
Intrinsic band edge traps in nano-crystalline HfO2 gate dielectrics Microelectronic Engineering, 80, 110-113. Lucovsky, G., Zhang, Y., Luning, J., Afanase'v, V. V., Stesmans, A., Zollner, S., Triyoso, D., Rogers, B. R., & Whitten, J. L. 2005
A printable form of single-crystalline gallium nitride for flexible optoelectronic systems Small (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany), 1(12), 1164-1168. Lee, K. J., Lee, J., Hwang, H. D., Reitmeier, Z. J., Davis, R. F., Rogers, J. A., & Nuzzo, R. G. 2005

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