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Title Journal Year
Room temperature growth of epitaxial titanium nitride films by pulsed laser deposition Crystal Growth and Design, 17(12), 6634-6640. Rasic, D., Sachan, R., Chisholm, M. F., Prater, J., & Narayan, J. 2017
Underlying causes of the magnetic behavior in surface patterned NiFe2O4 thin films MRS Communications, 6(4), 397-401. Rasic, G., Vlahovic, B., & Schwartz, J. 2016
On the origin of coercivity reduction in surface patterned magnetic thin films Physica Status Solidi. A, Applications and Materials Science, 212(2), 449-458. Rasic, G., & Schwartz, J. 2015
Coercivity reduction in nickel ferrite (NiFe2O4) thin films through surface patterning IEEE Magnetics Letters, 5. Rasic, G., & Schwartz, J. 2014
Optimized Growth of Heteroepitaxial (111) NiFe2O4 Thin Films on (0001) Sapphire with Two In-Plane Variants via Chemical Solution Deposition Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 96(10), 3050-3053. Seifikar, S., Calandro, B., Rasic, G., Deeb, E., Yang, J. J., Bassiri-Gharb, N., & Schwartz, J. 2013
Nanoimprint lithographic surface patterning of sol-gel fabricated nickel ferrite (NiFe2O4) MRS Communications, 3(4), 207-211. Rasic, G., & Schwartz, J. 2013

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