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Title Journal Year
High-quality TiN/AlN thin film heterostructures on c-sapphire Acta Materialia, 145, 134-141. Moatti, A., & Narayan, J. 2018
Control of structural and electrical transitions of VO2 thin films ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(28), 24298-24307. Moatti, A., Sachan, R., Prater, J., & Narayan, J. 2017
Epitaxial growth of rutile TiO2 thin films by oxidation of TiN/Si{100} heterostructure Acta Materialia, 103, 502-511. Moatti, A., Bayati, R., & Narayan, J. 2016
Thin film bi-epitaxy and transition characteristics of TiO2/TiN buffered VO2 on Si(100) substrates MRS Advances, 1(37), 2635-2640. Moatti, A., Bayati, R., Singamaneni, S. R., & Narayan, J. 2016
Epitaxial integration of TiO2 with Si(100) through a novel approach of oxidation of TiN/Si(100) epitaxial heterostructure MRS Advances, 1(37), 2629-2634. Moatti, A., Bayati, R., Singamaneni, S., & Narayan, J. 2016

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