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Title Journal Year
Microstructure and dielectric properties with CuO additions to liquid phase sintered BaTiO3 thin films Journal of Materials Research, 31(8), 1018-1026. Harris, D. T., Burch, M. J., Mily, E. J., Dickey, E. C., & Maria, J. P. 2016
New method for extracting diffusion-controlled kinetics from differential scanning calorimetry: Application to energetic nanostructures Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, 119(25), 14411-14418. Lu, S. J., Mily, E. J., Irving, D. L., Maria, J. P., & Brenner, D. W. 2015
Probing the reaction dynamics of thermite nanolaminates Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, 119(35), 20401-20408. Egan, G. C., Mily, E. J., Maria, J. P., & Zachariah, M. R. 2015
The role of terminal oxide structure and properties in nanothermite reactions Thin Solid Films, 562, 405-410. Mily, E. J., Oni, A., LeBeau, J. M., Liu, Y., Brown-Shaklee, H. J., Ihlefeld, J. F., & Maria, J. P. 2014

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