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The publications on this page are generated nightly from the NCSU Library's Scholarly Publications Repository. This repository is by no means a fully comprehensive listing of publications. Publications can be added to the repository manually by visiting the Publications Repository Submission Form.

Title Journal Year
Reduction in the thermodynamic nucleation barrier via the heteroepitaxial recrystallization mechanism Scripta Materialia, 136, 128-131. Miller, V. M., Payton, E. J., & Pilchak, A. L. 2017
Measurement of strain localization resulting from monotonic and cyclic loading at 650 degrees C in nickel base superalloys Experimental Mechanics, 57(8), 1289-1309. Stinville, J. C., Echlin, M. P., Callahan, P. G., Miller, V. M., Texier, D., Bridier, F., Bocher, P., & Pollock, T. M. 2017
Microneedle-based sensors for medical diagnosis Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 4(8), 1379-1383. Miller, P. R., Narayan, R. J., & Polsky, R. 2016
Towards an integrated microneedle total analysis chip for protein detection Electroanalysis, 28(6), 1305-1310. Miller, P., Moorman, M., Manginell, R., Ashlee, C., Brener, I., Wheeler, D., Narayan, R., & Polsky, R. 2016
The role of grain size on neutron irradiation response of nanocrystalline copper Materials, 9(3). Mohamed, W., Miller, B., Porter, D., & Murty, K. 2016
Electrodeposited iron as a biocompatible material for microneedle fabrication Electroanalysis, 27(9), 2239-2249. Miller, P. R., Boehm, R. D., Skoog, S. A., Edwards, T. L., Rodriguez, M., Brozik, S., Brener, I., Byrd, T., Baca, J. T., Ashley, C., Narayan, R. J., & Polsky, R. 2015
Visualization of film-forming polymer particles with a liquid cell technique in a transmission electron microscope Analyst [London], 140(18), 6330-6334. Liu, L. L., Liu, Y., Wu, W. J., Miller, C. M., & Dickey, E. C. 2015
Simultaneous detection of dopamine, ascorbic acid and uric acid at lithographically-defined 3d graphene electrodes Electroanalysis, 26(1), 52-56. Xiao, X. Y., Miller, P. R., Narayan, R. J., Brozik, S. M., Wheeler, D. R., Brener, I., Wang, J., Burckel, D. B., & Polsky, R. 2014
Microneedle-based transdermal sensor for on-chip potentiometric determination of K+ Advanced Healthcare Materials, 3(6), 876-881. Miller, P. R., Xiao, X. Y., Brener, I., Burckel, D. B., Narayan, R., & Polsky, R. 2014
Inkjet printing for pharmaceutical applications Materials Today, 17(5), 247-252. Boehm, R. D., Miller, P. R., Daniels, J., Stafslien, S., & Narayan, R. J. 2014
Microneedle-based self-powered glucose sensor Electrochemistry Communications, 47, 58-62. Valdes-Ramirez, G., Li, Y. C., Kim, J., Jia, W. Z., Bandodkar, A. J., Nunez-Flores, R., Miller, P. R., Wu, S. Y., Narayan, R., Windmiller, J. R., Polsky, R., & Wang, J. 2014
Response of nanostructured ferritic alloys to high-dose heavy ion irradiation Journal of Nuclear Materials, 445(1-3), 251-260. Parish, C. M., White, R. M., LeBeau, J. M., & Miller, M. K. 2014
Microstructure and mechanical behavior of neutron irradiated ultrafine grained ferritic steel Materials Science & Engineering. A, Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing, 615, 128-138. Alsabbagh, A., Sarkar, A., Miller, B., Burns, J., Squires, L., Porter, D., Cole, J. I., & Murty, K. L. 2014
Solution-processed, antimony-doped tin oxide colloid films enable high-performance TIO2 photoanodes for water splitting Nano Letters, 13(4), 1481-1488. Peng, Q., Kalanyan, B., Hoertz, P. G., Miller, A., Kim, D. H., Hanson, K., Alibabaei, L., Liu, J., Meyer, T. J., Parsons, G. N., & Glass, J. T. 2013
Inkjet printing of Amphotericin B onto biodegradable microneedles using piezoelectric inkjet printing JOM: the Journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 65(4), 525-533. Boehm, R. D., Miller, P. R., Schell, W. A., Perfect, J. R., & Narayan, R. J. 2013
Antimicrobial activity of biopolymer-antibiotic thin films fabricated by advanced pulsed laser methods Applied Surface Science, 278) (pp. 211-213). Cristescu, R., Popescu, C., Dorcioman, G., Miroiu, F. M., Socol, G., Mihailescu, I. N., Gittard, S. D., Miller, P. R., Narayan, R. J., Enculescu, M., & Chrisey, D. B. 2013
Multiplexed microneedle-based biosensor array for characterization of metabolic acidosis Talanta, 88, 739-742. Miller, P. R., Skoog, S. A., Edwards, T. L., Lopez, D. M., Wheeler, D. R., Arango, D. C., Xiao, X. Y., Brozik, S. M., Wang, J., Polsky, R., & Narayan, R. J. 2012
Indirect rapid prototyping of antibacterial acid anhydride copolymer microneedles Biofabrication, 4(1). Boehm, R. D., Miller, P. R., Singh, R., Shah, A., Stafslien, S., Daniels, J., & Narayan, R. J. 2012
Characterizing the effects of etch-induced material modification on the crystallization properties of nitrogen doped Ge2Sb2Te5 Journal of Applied Physics, 109(3). Washington, J. S., Joseph, E. A., Raoux, S., Jordan-Sweet, J. L., Miller, D., Cheng, H. Y., Schrott, A. G., Chen, C. F., Dasaka, R., Shelby, B., Lucovsky, G., Paesler, M. A., Miotti, L., Lung, H. L., Zhang, Y., & Lam, C. H. 2011
Laser ablation imparts controlled micro-scale pores in electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering applications Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 39(12), 3021-3030. McCullen, S. D., Gittard, S. D., Miller, P. R., Pourdeyhimi, B., Narayan, R. J., & Loboa, E. G. 2011
Deposition of antimicrobial coatings on microstereolithography-fabricated microneedles JOM: the Journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 63(6), 59-68. Gittard, S. D., Miller, P. R., Jin, C. M., Martin, T. N., Boehm, R. D., Chisholm, B. J., Stafslien, S. J., Daniels, J. W., Cilz, N., Monteiro-Riviere, N. A., Nasir, A., & Narayan, R. J. 2011
Multiphoton microscopy of transdermal quantum dot delivery using two photon polymerization-fabricated polymer microneedles Faraday Discussions, 149, 171-185. Gittard, S. D., Miller, P. R., Boehm, R. D., Ovsianikov, A., Chichkov, B. N., Heiser, J., Gordon, J., Monteiro-Riviere, N. A., & Narayan, R. J. 2011
Deposition of antibacterial of poly(1,3-bis-(p-carboxyphenoxy propane)-co-(sebacic anhydride)) 20:80/gentamicin sulfate composite coatings by MAPLE Applied Surface Science, 257(12), 5287-5292. Cristescu, R., Popescu, C., Socol, G., Visan, A., Mihailescu, I. N., Gittard, S. D., Miller, P. R., Martin, T. N., Narayan, R. J., Andronie, A., Stamatin, I., & Chrisey, D. B. 2011
Microneedle array-based carbon paste amperometric sensors and biosensors Analyst [London], 136(9), 1846-1851. Windmiller, J. R., Zhou, N. D., Chuang, M. C., Valdes-Ramirez, G., Santhosh, P., Miller, P. R., Narayan, R., & Wang, J. 2011
In situ collagen polymerization of layered cell-seeded electrospun scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applications Tissue Engineering. Part C, Methods, 16(5), 1095-1105. McCullen, S. D., Miller, P. R., Gittard, S. D., Gorga, R. E., Pourdeyhimi, B., Narayan, R. J., & Loboa, E. G. 2010

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