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Title Journal Year
Ion-irradiation-induced ferromagnetism in undoped ZnO thin films Acta Materialia, 61(8), 2763-2768. Mal, S., Nori, S., Narayan, J., Prater, J. T., & Avasthi, D. K. 2013
Controlled p-type to n-type conductivity transformation in NiO thin films by ultraviolet-laser irradiation Journal of Applied Physics, 111(1). Gupta, P., Dutta, T., Mal, S., & Narayan, J. 2012
Defect mediated reversible ferromagnetism in Co and Mn doped zinc oxide epitaxial films Journal of Applied Physics, 112(11). Mal, S., Nori, S., Mula, S., Narayan, J., & Prater, J. T. 2012
Epitaxial VO2/Cr2O3/sapphire heterostructure for multifunctional applications Applied Physics Letters, 98(2). Yang, T. H., Mal, S., Jin, C., Narayan, R. J., & Narayan, J. 2011
Thin film epitaxy and magnetic properties of STO/TiN buffered ZnO on Si(001) substrates Acta Materialia, 59(6), 2526-2534. Mal, S., Yang, T. H., Gupta, P., Prater, J. T., & Narayan, J. 2011
Defect-mediated ferromagnetism and controlled switching characteristics in ZnO Journal of Materials Research, 26(10), 1298-1308. Mal, S., Nori, S., Narayan, J., & Prater, J. T. 2011
Control of room-temperature defect-mediated ferromagnetism in VO(2) films Acta Materialia, 59(16), 6362-6368. Yang, T. H., Nori, S., Mal, S., & Narayan, J. 2011
Defect-mediated room temperature ferromagnetism in zinc oxide Solid State Communications, 150(35-36), 1660-1664. Mal, S., Narayan, J., Nori, S., Prater, J. T., & Kumar, D. 2010
Reversible room temperature ferromagnetism in undoped zinc oxide: Correlation between defects and physical properties Journal of Applied Physics, 108(7). Mal, S., Nori, S., Jin, C. M., Narayan, J., Nellutla, S., Smirnov, A. I., & Prater, J. T. 2010

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