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Title Journal Year
Perovskite solar cells on corrugated substrates with enhanced efficiency Small (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany), 12(46), 6346-6352. Luo, Y., Liu, S. Y., Barange, N., Wang, L., & So, F. 2016
Thermal conductivity and dielectric properties of a TiO2-based electrical insulator for use with high temperature superconductor-based magnets Superconductor Science & Technology, 27(9). Ishmael, S. A., Slomski, M., Luo, H., White, M., Hunt, A., Mandzy, N., Muth, J. F., Nesbit, R., Paskova, T., Straka, W., & Schwartz, J. 2014
A new class of room-temperature multiferroic thin films with bismuth-based supercell structure Advanced Materials, 25(7), 1028-1032. Chen, A. P., Zhou, H. H., Bi, Z. X., Zhu, Y. Y., Luo, Z. P., Bayraktaroglu, A., Phillips, J., Choi, E. M., MacManus-Driscoll, J. L., Pennycook, S. J., Narayan, J., Jia, Q. X., Zhang, X. H., & Wang, H. Y. 2013
Core-dependent growth of platinum shell nanocrystals and their electrochemical characteristics for fuel cells Crystengcomm, 15(5), 982-994. Chen, T. Y., Chen, I. L., Liu, Y. T., Lin, T. L., Yang, P. W., Wu, C. Y., Hu, C. C., Luo, T. J. M., & Lee, C. H. 2013
Formation of self-aggregated and interconnected silver network within sol-gel silica Journal of Materials Science, 48(2), 850-856. Chen, T. Y., Chiu, C. K., Choi, Y. J., Luo, T. J. M., & Lin, T. L. 2013
Controlling interconnected silver network structure in SolGel nanocomposite via shrinkage-induced stress Advanced Engineering Materials, 15(1-2), 34-39. Chiu, C. K., Chen, T. Y., & Luo, T. J. M. 2013
Ruthenium core-activated platinum monolayer shell high redox activity cathodic electrocatalysts for dye-sensitized solar cells Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1(18), 5660-5669. Chen, T. Y., Liu, Y. T., Nguyen, H. M., Fan, L. J., Wu, C. Y., Luo, T. J. M., Lee, C. H., Yang, Y. W., Wen, T. C., & Lin, T. L. 2013
Crystal growth of platinum-ruthenium bimetallic nanocrystallites and their methanol electrooxidation activity Crystengcomm, 15(19), 3932-3942. Chen, T. Y., Liu, Y. T., Chen, H. S., Wang, K. W., Yang, C. T., Luo, T. J. M., Lee, C. H., & Lin, T. L. 2013
Heterogeneous junction engineering on core-shell nanocatalysts boosts the dye-sensitized solar cell Nanoscale, 5(19), 9181-9192. Wu, C. Y., Liu, Y. T., Huang, P. C., Luo, T. J. M., Lee, C. H., Yang, Y. W., Wen, T. C., Chen, T. Y., & Lin, T. L. 2013
Enhanced quench propagation in Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox and YBa2Cu3O7-x coils via a nanoscale doped-titania-based thermally conducting electrical insulator IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 23(5). Ishmael, S., Luo, H. J., White, M., Hunte, F., Liu, X. T., Mandzy, N., Muth, J. F., Naderi, G., Ye, L. Y., Hunt, A. T., & Schwartz, J. 2013
Electrostatically mediated adsorption by nanodiamond and nanocarbon particles Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 14(3). Gibson, N. M., Luo, T. J. M., Shenderova, O., Koscheev, A. P., & Brenner, D. W. 2012
Direct scaffolding of biomimetic hydroxyapatite-gelatin nanocomposites using aminosilane cross-linker for bone regeneration Journal of Materials Science. Materials in Medicine, 23(9), 2115-2126. Chiu, C. K., Ferreira, J., Luo, T. J. M., Geng, H. X., Lin, F. C., & Ko, C. C. 2012
The Core dominated surface activity of core-shell nanocatalysts on methanol electrooxidation Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, 116(32), 16969-16978. Chen, T. Y., Luo, T. J. M., Yang, Y. W., Wei, Y. C., Wang, K. W., Lin, T. L., Wen, T. C., & Lee, C. H. 2012
Formation of AgCl cubic crystals induced by shrinkage of sol-gel silica film Crystal Growth and Design, 12(10), 4727-4732. Chiu, C. K., Choi, Y. J., & Luo, T. J. M. 2012
Immobilization of mycotoxins on modified nanodiamond substrates Biointerphases, 6(4), 210-217. Gibson, N. M., Luo, T. J. M., Brenner, D. W., & Shenderova, O. 2011
Coating alumina on catalytic iron oxide nanoparticles for synthesizing vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 3(11), 4180-4184. Wang, X., Krommenhoek, P. J., Bradford, P. D., Gong, B., Tracy, J. B., Parsons, G. N., Luo, T. J. M., & Zhu, Y. T. 2011
Highly aligned carbon nanotube forests coated by superconducting NbC Nature Communications, 2. Zou, G. F., Luo, H. M., Baily, S., Zhang, Y. Y., Haberkorn, N. F., Xiong, J., Bauer, E., McCleskey, T. M., Burrell, A. K., Civale, L., Zhu, Y. T., MacManus-Driscoll, J. L., & Jia, Q. X. 2011
Fluorescent dye adsorption on nanocarbon substrates through electrostatic interactions Diamond and Related Materials, 19 2-3) (pp. 234-237). Gibson, N. M., Luo, T. J. M., Shenderova, O., Choi, Y. J., Fitzgerald, Z., & Brenner, D. W. 2010
An intermetallic Fe-Zr catalyst used for growing long carbon nanotube arrays Materials Letters, 64(18), 1947-1950. Zhao, H., Bradford, P. D., Wang, X., Liu, W., Luo, T. J. M., Jia, Q. X., Zhu, Y. T., & Yuan, F. G. 2010
Aminosilane as an effective binder for hydroxyapatite-gelatin nanocomposites Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 53(2), 459-465. Luo, T. J. M., Ko, C. C., Chiu, C. K., Llyod, J., & Huh, U. 2010
Effects of Pt shell thicknesses on the atomic structure of Ru-Pt core-shell nanoparticles for methanol electrooxidation applications Chemphyschem, 11(11), 2383-2392. Chen, T. Y., Lin, T. L., Luo, T. J. M., Choi, Y., & Lee, J. F. 2010
Spontaneous deposition of gold nanoparticle nanocomposite on polymer surfaces through sol-gel chemistry Nanotechnology, 22(4). Choi, Y. J., Chiu, C. K., & Luo, T. J. M. 2010
Polymer-embedded carbon nanotube ribbons for stretchable conductors Advanced Materials, 22(28), 3027-3031. Zhang, Y. Y., Sheehan, C. J., Zhai, J. Y., Zou, G. F., Luo, H. M., Xiong, J., Zhu, Y. T., & Jia, Q. X. 2010
Colloidal stability of modified nanodiamond particles Diamond and Related Materials, 18(4), 620-626. Gibson, N., Shenderova, O., Luo, T. J. M., Moseenkov, S., Bondar, V., Puzyr, A., Purtov, K., Fitzgerald, Z., & Brenner, D. W. 2009
Spontaneous formation of silver nanoparticles in aminosilica Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 51(1), 124-132. Choi, Y. J., Huh, U., & Luo, T. J. M. 2009

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