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Title Journal Year
Transition from battery to pseudocapacitor behavior via structural water in tungsten oxide Chemistry of Materials, 29(9), 3928-3937. Mitchell, J. B., Lo, W. C., Genc, A., LeBeau, J., & Augustyn, V. 2017
A comprehensive study on the structural evolution of HfO2 thin films doped with various dopants Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5(19), 4677-4690. Park, M. H., Schenk, T., Fancher, C. M., Grimley, E. D., Zhou, C., Richter, C., LeBeau, J. M., Jones, J. L., Mikolajick, T., & Schroeder, U. 2017
Structural and electrical properties of single crystalline SrZrO3 epitaxially grown on Ge (001) Journal of Applied Physics, 122(8). Lim, Z. H., Ahmadi-Majlan, K., Grimley, E. D., Du, Y., Bowden, M., Moghadam, R., LeBeau, J. M., Chambers, S. A., & Ngai, J. H. 2017
Structure and magnetic properties of a multi-principal element Ni-Fe-Cr-Co-Zn-Mn alloy Intermetallics, 68, 107-112. Zaddach, A. J., Niu, C., Oni, A. A., Fan, M., LeBeau, J. M., Irving, D. L., & Koch, C. C. 2016
In-situ real-space imaging of single crystal surface reconstructions via electron microscopy Applied Physics Letters, 109(20). Xu, W. Z., Bowes, P. C., Grimley, E. D., Irving, D. L., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Characterizing the response of a scintillator-based detector to single electrons Ultramicroscopy, 161, 3-9. Sang, X. H., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
A numerical model for multiple detector energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in the transmission electron microscope Ultramicroscopy, 164, 51-61. Xu, W., Dycus, J. H., Sang, X., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Atom site preference and gamma '/gamma mismatch strain in Ni-Al-Co-Ti superalloys Intermetallics, 73, 72-78. Oni, A. A., Broderick, S. R., Rajan, K., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Structure and chemistry of passivated SiC/SiO2 interfaces Applied Physics Letters, 108(20). Dycus, J. H., Xu, W. Z., Lichtenwalner, D. J., Hull, B., Palmour, J. W., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Competing pathways for nucleation of the double perovskite structure in the epitaxial synthesis of La2MnNiO6 Chemistry of Materials, 28(11), 3814-3822. Spurgeon, S. R., Du, Y. G., Droubay, T., Devaraj, A., Sang, X. H., Longo, P., Yan, P. F., Kotula, P. G., Shutthanandan, V., Bowden, M. E., LeBeau, J. M., Wang, C. M., Sushko, P. V., & Chambers, S. A. 2016
Physical mechanisms behind the field-cycling behavior of HfO2-based ferroelectric capacitors Advanced Functional Materials, 26(25), 4601-4612. Pesic, M., Fengler, F. P. G., Larcher, L., Padovani, A., Schenk, T., Grimley, E. D., Sang, X. H., LeBeau, J. M., Slesazeck, S., Schroeder, U., & Mikolajick, T. 2016
Quantitative atomic resolution elemental mapping via absolute-scale energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy Ultramicroscopy, 168, 7-16. Chen, Z., Weyland, M., Sang, X., Xu, W., Dycus, J. H., LeBeau, J. M., D'Alfonso, A. J., Allen, L. J., & Findlay, S. D. 2016
Depth-resolved composition and electronic structure of buried layers and interfaces in a LaNiO3/SrTiO3 superlatticefroni soft- and hard-X-ray standing-wave angle-resolved photoemission Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 211, 70-81. Eiteneer, D., Palsson, G. K., Nemsak, S., Gray, A. X., Kaiser, A. M., Son, J., LeBeau, J., Conti, G., Greer, A. A., Kaqi, A., Rattanachata, A., Saw, A. Y., Bostwick, A., Rotenberg, E., Gullikson, E. M., Ueda, S., Kobayashi, K., & Janotti, A. 2016
Structural changes underlying field-cycling phenomena in ferroelectric HfO2 thin films Advanced Electronic Materials, 2(9). Grimley, E. D., Schenk, T., Sang, X. H., Pesic, M., Schroeder, U., Mikolajick, T., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Processing low-oxide ZrB2 ceramics with high strength using boron carbide and spark plasma sintering Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 99(8), 2585-2592. Pham, D., Dycus, J. H., LeBeau, J. M., Manga, V. R., Muralidharan, K., & Corral, E. L. 2016
Impact of field cycling on HfO2 based non-volatile memory devices Proceedings of the European Solid-State Device Research Conference, ) (pp. 364-368). Schroeder, U., Pesic, M., Schenk, T., Mulaosmanovic, H., Slesazeck, S., Ocker, J., Richter, C., Yurchuk, E., Khullar, K., Muller, J., Polakowski, P., Grimley, E. D., LeBeau, J. M., Flachowsky, S., Jansen, S., Kolodinski, S., & van Bentum, R. 2016
Unleashing strain induced ferroelectricity in complex oxide thin films via precise stoichiometry control Advanced Functional Materials, 26(40), 7271-7279. Haislmaier, R. C., Grimley, E. D., Biegalski, M. D., LeBeau, J. M., Trolier-McKinstry, S., Gopalan, V., & Engel-Herbert, R. 2016
Comparison of thermoelectric properties of nanostructured Mg2Si, FeSi2, SiGe, and nanocomposites of SiGe-Mg2Si, SiGe-FeSi2 APL Materials, 4(10). Nozariasbmarz, A., Roy, P., Zamanipour, Z., Dycus, J. H., Cabral, M. J., LeBeau, J. M., Krasinski, J. S., & Vashaee, D. 2016
Influence of experimental conditions on atom column visibility in energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy Ultramicroscopy, 171, 1-7. Dycus, J. H., Xu, W., Sang, X., D'Alfonso, A. J., Chen, Z., Weyland, M., Allen, L. J., Findlay, S. D., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Spin-driven ordering of Cr in the equiatomic high entropy alloy NiFeCrCo Applied Physics Letters, 106(16). Niu, C., Zaddach, A. J., Oni, A. A., Sang, X., Hurt, J. W., LeBeau, J. M., Koch, C. C., & Irving, D. L. 2015
Accurate nanoscale crystallography in real-space using scanning transmission electron microscopy Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21(4), 946-952. Dycus, J. H., Harris, J. S., Sang, X. H., Fancher, C. M., Findlay, S. D., Oni, A. A., Chan, T. T. E., Koch, C. C., Jones, J. L., Allen, L. J., Irving, D. L., & LeBeau, J. M. 2015
Direct observation of charge mediated lattice distortions in complex oxide solid solutions Applied Physics Letters, 106(6). Sang, X. H., Grimley, E. D., Niu, C. N., Irving, D. L., & LeBeau, J. M. 2015
Effect of B and Cr on elastic strength and crystal structure of Ni3Al alloys under high pressure Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 619, 616-620. Raju, S. V., Oni, A. A., Godwal, B. K., Yan, J., Drozd, V., Srinivasan, S., LeBeau, J. M., Rajan, K., & Saxena, S. K. 2015
Large area strain analysis using scanning transmission electron microscopy across multiple images Applied Physics Letters, 106(1). Oni, A. A., Sang, X., Raju, S. V., Dumpala, S., Broderick, S., Kumar, A., Sinnott, S., Saxena, S., Rajan, K., & LeBeau, J. M. 2015
On the structural origins of ferroelectricity in HfO2 thin films Applied Physics Letters, 106(16). Sang, X. H., Grimley, E. D., Schenk, T., Schroeder, U., & LeBeau, J. M. 2015

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