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The publications on this page are generated nightly from the NCSU Library's Scholarly Publications Repository. This repository is by no means a fully comprehensive listing of publications. Publications can be added to the repository manually by visiting the Publications Repository Submission Form.

Title Journal Year
Epitaxial growth of zinc oxide thin films on silicon Materials Science & Engineering. B, Solid-state Materials for Advanced Technology, 117(3), 348-354. Jin, C. M., Narayan, R., Tiwari, A., Zhou, H. H., Kvit, A., & Narayan, J. 2005
Transmission electron microscopy studies of the bonded SiC-SiC interface Journal of Materials Science, 40(16), 4369-4371. Yushin, G. N., Kvit, A. V., & Sitar, Z. 2005
Umbrella-like precipitates in nitrogen-doped Czochralski silicon wafers Applied Physics Letters, 84(11), 1889-1891. Kvit, A., Karoui, A., Duscher, G., & Rozgonyi, G. A. 2004
Aging effect and nitrogen distribution in diamond nanoparticles Composites. Part B, Engineering, 35(2), 163-166. Kvit, A. V., Zhirnov, V. V., Tyler, T., & Hren, J. J. 2004
Growth, characterization,, and electrical properties of PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 thin films on buffered silicon substrates using pulsed laser deposition Journal of Materials Research, 18(1), 111-114. Gilmore, W. M., Chattopadhyay, S., Kvit, A., Sharma, A. K., Lee, C. B., Collis, W. J., Sankar, J., & Narayan, J. 2003
Effect of microstructure on diffusion of copper in TiN films Journal of Applied Physics, 93(9), 5210-5214. Gupta, A., Wang, H., Kvit, A., Duscher, G., & Narayan, J. 2003
A novel technique for making self-encapsulated and self-aligned copper films Materials Science & Engineering. B, Solid-state Materials for Advanced Technology, 103(1), 45-48. Chugh, A., Tiwari, A., Kvit, A., & Narayan, J. 2003
Formation of self-assembled epitaxial nickel nanostructures Journal of Applied Physics, 94(8), 4841-4846. Zhou, H., Kumar, D., Kvit, A., Tiwari, A., & Narayan, J. 2003
Nano-scale analysis of precipitates in nitrogen-doped Czochralski silicon Microelectronic Engineering, 66(1-4), 305-313. Rozgonyi, G. A., Karoui, A., Kvit, A., & Duscher, G. 2003
Formation of nanoscale voids and related metallic impurity gettering in high-energy ion-implanted and annealed epitaxial silicon Applied Physics Letters, 83(7), 1367-1369. Kvit, A., Yankov, R. A., Duscher, G., Rozgonyi, G., & Glasko, J. M. 2003
In situ point defect generation and agglomeration during electron-beam irradiation of nitrogen-doped Czochralski silicon Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, 6(11), G134-G136. Stoddard, N., Karoui, A., Duscher, G., Kvit, A., & Rozgonyi, G. 2003
Electron emission from diamond nanoparticles on metal tips Applied Physics Letters, 82(17), 2904-2906. Tyler, T., Zhirnov, V. V., Kvit, A. V., Kang, D., & Hren, J. J. 2003
Novel cubic ZnxMg1-xO epitaxial hetero structures on Si (100) substrates Solid State Communications, 121(1), 9-13. Narayan, J., Sharma, A. K., Kvit, A., Jin, C., Muth, J. F., & Holland, O. W. 2002
Growth of epitaxial NdNiO3 and integration with Si(100) Applied Physics Letters, 80(8), 1337-1339. Tiwari, A., Narayan, J., Jin, C., & Kvit, A. 2002
Epitaxial growth of TaN thin films on Si(100) and Si(111) using a TiN buffer layer Applied Physics Letters, 80(13), 2323-2325. Wang, H., Tiwari, A., Kvit, A., Zhang, X., & Narayan, J. 2002
Structural, optical and magnetic properties of diluted magnetic semiconducting Zn1-xMnxO films Solid State Communications, 121(6-7), 371-374. Tiwari, A., Jin, C., Kvit, A., Kumar, D., Muth, J. F., & Narayan, J. 2002
Improved magnetic properties of self-assembled epitaxial nickel nanocrystallites in thin-film ceramic matrix Journal of Materials Research, 17(4), 738-742. Kumar, D., Zhou, H., Nath, T. K., Kvit, A. V., Narayan, J., Craciun, V., & Singh, R. K. 2002
Copper diffusion characteristics in single-crystal and polycrystalline TaN Applied Physics Letters, 81(8), 1453-1455. Wang, H., Tiwari, A., Zhang, X., Kvit, A., & Narayan, J. 2002
Structure and properties of nanocrystalline zinc films Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 4(3), 265-269. Narayan, J., Venkatesan, R. K., & Kvit, A. 2002
Role of nitrogen related complexes in the formation of defects in silicon Applied Physics Letters, 80(12), 2114-2116. Karoui, A., Karoui, F. S., Kvit, A., Rozgonyi, G. A., & Yang, D. 2002
Study of fusion bonding of diamond to silicon for silicon-on- diamond technology Applied Physics Letters, 81(17), 3275-3277. Yushin, G. N., Wolter, S. D., Kvit, A. V., Collazo, R., Stoner, B. R., Prater, J. T., & Sitar, Z. 2002
Structural and magnetoresistance properties of La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films on buffered silicon substrates Applied Physics Letters, 78(8), 1098-1100. Kumar, D., Chattopadhyay, S., Gilmore, W. M., Lee, C. B., Sankar, J., Kvit, A., Sharma, A. K., Narayan, J., Pietambaram, S. V., & Singh, R. K. 2001
High coercivity and superparamagnetic behavior of nanocrystalline iron particles in alumina matrix Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 232(3), 161-167. Kumar, D., Narayan, J., Kvit, A. V., Sharma, A. K., & Sankar, J. 2001
Tunable magnetic properties of metal ceramic composite thin films Solid State Communications, 119(2), 63-66. Kumar, D., Narayan, J., Nath, T. K., Sharma, A. K., Kvit, A., & Jin, C. 2001
Magnetic properties of self-assembled nanoscale La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 particles in an alumina matrix Applied Physics Letters, 79(9), 1327-1329. Katiyar, P., Kumar, D., Nath, T. K., Kvit, A. V., Narayan, J., Chattopadhyay, S., Gilmore, W. M., Coleman, S., Lee, C. B., Sankar, J., & Singh, R. K. 2001

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