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Title Journal Year
High mobility yttrium doped cadmium oxide thin films APL Materials, 5(7). Kelley, K. P., Sachet, E., Shelton, C. T., & Maria, J. P. 2017
Epsilon-near-zero modes and surface plasmon resonance in fluorine-doped cadmium oxide thin films ACS Photonics, 4(8), 1885-1892. Runnerstrom, E. L., Kelley, K. P., Sachet, E., Shelton, C. T., & Maria, J. P. 2017
Femtosecond optical polarization switching using a cadmium oxide-based perfect absorber Nature Photonics, 11(6), 390-+. Yang, Y. M., Kelley, K., Sachet, E., Campione, S., Luk, T. S., Maria, J. P., Sinclair, M. B., & Brener, I. 2017
Surface analysis of Nb materials for SRF cavities Surface and Interface Analysis, 43(1-2), 151-153. Maheshwari, P., Tian, H., Reece, C. E., Kelley, M. J., Myneni, G. R., Stevie, F. A., Rigsbee, J. M., Batchelor, A. D., & Griffis, D. P. 2011
Surface-mediated organometallic synthesis: preparation of osmium carbonyl clusters [Os5C(CO)14]2- and [Os10C(CO)24]2- on the basic magnesium oxide surface Journal of the American Chemical Society, 111(22), 8367-8373. Lamb, H. H., Fung, A. S., Tooley, P. A., Puga, J., Krause, T. R., Kelley, M.J., & Gates, B. C. 1989

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