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Title Journal Year
Ordinary and extraordinary dielectric functions of 4H-and 6H-SiC from 3.5 to 9.0 eV Applied Physics Letters, 78(18), 2715-2717. Lindquist, O. P. A., Jarrendahl, K., Peters, S., Zettler, J. T., Cobet, C., Esser, N., Aspnes, D. E., Henry, A., & Edwards, N. V. 2001
Real-time assessment of selected surface preparation regimens for 4H-SiC surfaces using spectroscopic ellipsometry Surface Science, 464(1), L703-L707. Edwards, N. V., Jarrendahl, K., Aspnes, D. E., Robbie, K., Powell, G. D., Cobet, C., Esser, N., Richter, W., & Madsen, L. D. 2000
Real-time assessment of over layer removal on 4H-SiC surfaces: Techniques and relevance to contact formation Materials Science Forum, 338(3), 1033-1036. Edwards, N. V., Madsen, L. D., Robbie, K., Powell, G. D., Jarrendahl, K., Cobet, C., Esser, N., Richter, W., & Aspnes, D. E. 2000
Ion implanted dopants in GaN and AlN: Lattice sites, annealing behavior, and defect recovery Journal of Applied Physics, 87(5), 2149-2157. Ronning, C., Dalmer, M., Uhrmacher, M., Restle, M., Vetter, U., Ziegeler, L., Hofsass, H., Gehrke, T., Jarrendahl, K., & Davis, R. F. 2000
Growth of highly (0001)-oriented aluminum nitride thin films with smooth surfaces on silicon carbide by gas-source molecular beam epitaxy Vacuum, 49(3), 189-191. Jarrendahl, K., Smith, S. A., Zheleva, T., Kern, R. S., & Davis, R. F. 1998
Materials properties and characterization of SiC Semiconductors and Semimetals, 52(1998), 1-20. Jarrendahl, K., & Davis, R. F. 1998
Multiple sample analysis of spectroscopic ellipsometry data of semi-transparent films Thin Solid Films, 313(1998 Feb.), 114-118. Jarrendahl, K., & Arwin, H. 1998
Homoepitaxial SiC growth by molecular beam epitaxy Physica Status Solidi. B, Basic Solid State Physics, 202(1), 379-404. Kern, R. S., Jarrendahl, K., Tanaka, S., & Davis, R. F. 1997
Growth and doping via gas-source molecular beam epitaxy of SiC and SiC/AlN heterostructures and their microstructural and electrical characterization Diamond and Related Materials, 6(10), 1282-1288. Kern, R. S., Jarrendahl, K., Tanaka, S., & Davis, R. F. 1997
Microstructure evolution in amorphous GE/SI multilayers grown by magnetron sputter deposition Journal of Materials Research, 12(7), 1806-1815. Jarrendahl, K., Ivanov, I., Sundgren, J. E., Radnoczi, G., Czigany, Z. S., & Greene, J. E. 1997

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