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Title Journal Year
Defect-dependent elasticity: Nanoindentation as a probe of stress state Journal of Materials Research, 15(8), 1693-1701. Jarausch, K. F., Kiely, J. D., Houston, J. E., & Russell, P. E. 2000
Initial stages of yield in nanoindentation Journal of Materials Research, 14(6), 2219-2227. Kiely, J. D., Jarausch, K. F., Houston, J. E., & Russell, P. E. 1999
Chemically and geometrically enhanced focused ion beam micromachining Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. B, Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures, 16(4), 2494-2498. Russell, P. E., Stark, T. J., Griffis, D. P., Phillips, J. R., & Jarausch, K. F. 1998
Nuclear electric quadrupole moment of 6Li Physical Review. A, 57(4), 2539-2543. Cederberg, J., Olson, D., Larson, J., Rakness, G., Jarausch, K., Schmidt, J., Borovsky, B., Larson, P., & Nelson, B. 1998

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