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Title Journal Year
Nondestructive measurement of a glass transition temperature at spin-cast semicrystalline polymer surfaces Macromolecules, 34(8), 2395-2397. Hyun, J., Aspnes, D. E., & Cuomo, J. J. 2001
A new approach to characterize crystallinity by observing the mobility of plasma treated polymer surfaces Polymer, 42(15), 6473-6477. Hyun, J. 2001
Effect of Ar+ ion beam in the process of plasma surface modification of PET films Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 77(8), 1679-1683. Hyun, J., Barletta, P., Koh, K., Yoo, S., Oh, J., Aspnes, D. E., C& uomo, J. J. 2000
Ultrathin DLC and SiOx layer deposition on poly(ethylene terephthalate) and restriction of surface dynamics Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 75(9), 1158-1164. Hyun, J., Pope, M., Smith, J., Park, M., & Cuomo, J. J. 2000

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