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Title Journal Year
Optimal design of a high pressure organometallic chemical vapor deposition reactor Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 29(8), 65-80. Bachmann, K. J., Banks, H. T., Hopfner, C., Kepler, G. M., Lesure, S., McCall, S. D., & Scroggs, J. S. 1999
Simulation of a vertical reactor for high pressure organometallic chemical vapor deposition Materials Science & Engineering. B, Solid-state Materials for Advanced Technology, 57(1), 9-17. Kepler, G. M., Hopfner, C., Scroggs, J. S., & Bachmann, K. J. 1998
Real-time monitoring of steady-state pulsed chemical beam epitaxy by p-polarized reflectance Journal of Crystal Growth, 183(3), 323-337. Bachmann, K. J., Sukidi, N., Hopfner, C., Harris, C., Dietz, N., Tran, H. T., Beeler, S., Ito, K., & Banks, H. T. 1998
Molecular layer epitaxy by real-time optical process monitoring Applied Surface Science, 112(1997 Mar.), 38-47. Bachmann, K. J., Hopfner, C., Sukidi, N., Miller, A. E., Harris, C. J., Aspnes, D. E., Dietz, N. A., Tran, H. T., Beeler, S. C., Ito, K., & Banks, H. T. 1997

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