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Title Journal Year
alpha ->beta transformation characteristics revealed by pulsed laser-induced non-equilibrium microstructures in duplex-phase Zr alloy Science China-Technological Sciences, 60(8), 1255-1262. Chai, L. J., Wang, S. Y., Wu, H., Guo, N., Pan, H. C., Chen, L. Y., Murty, K. L., & Song, B. 2017
UV second harmonic generation in AlN waveguides with modal phase matching Optical Materials Express, 6(6), 2014-2023. Troha, T., Rigler, M., Alden, D., Bryan, I., Guo, W., Kirste, R., Mita, S., Gerhold, M. D., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., & Zgonik, M. 2016
Fabrication and structural properties of AlN submicron periodic lateral polar structures and waveguides for UV-C applications Applied Physics Letters, 108(26). Alden, D., Guo, W., Kirste, R., Kaess, F., Bryan, I., Troha, T., Bagal, A., Reddy, P., Hernandez-Balderrama, L. H., Franke, A., Mita, S., Chang, C. H., Hoffmann, A., Zgonik, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2016
Atomically thin MoS2 narrowband and broadband light superabsorbers ACS Nano, 10(8), 7493-7499. Huang, L. J., Li, G. Q., Gurarslan, A., Yu, Y. L., Kirste, R., Guo, W., Zhao, J. J., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., Parsons, G. N., Kudenov, M., & Cao, L. Y. 2016
Regulation in free amino acid profile and protein synthesis pathway of growing pig skeletal muscles by low-protein diets for different time periods Journal of Animal Science, 94(12), 5192-5205. Li, Y. H., Wei, H. K., Li, F. N., Kim, S. W., Wen, C. Y., Duan, Y. H., Guo, Q. P., Wang, W. L., Liu, H. N., & Yin, Y. L. 2016
Hydrothermal synthesis and corrosion behavior of the protective coating on Mg-2Zn-Mn-Ca-Ce alloy Progress in Natural Science, 26(6), 590-599. Song, D., Guo, G. H., Jiang, J. H., Zhang, L. W., Ma, A. B., Ma, X. L., Chen, J. Q., & Cheng, Z. J. 2016
Effect of synthesizing temperature on microstructure and electrochemical property of the hydrothermal conversion coating on Mg-2Zn-0.5Mn-Ca-Ce alloy Metals, 6(3). Guo, G. H., Song, D., Jiang, J. H., Ma, A. B., Zhang, L. W., & Li, C. 2016
Vertical organic field-effect transistors for integrated optoelectronic applications ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(16), 10430-10435. Yu, H., Dong, Z. P., Guo, J., Kim, D., & So, F. 2016
KOH based selective wet chemical etching of AlN, AlxGa1-xN, and GaN crystals: A way towards substrate removal in deep ultraviolet-light emitting diode Applied Physics Letters, 106(8). Guo, W., Kirste, R., Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Hussey, L., Reddy, P., Tweedie, J., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z. 2015
Nanostructure surface patterning of GaN thin films and application to AlGaN/AlN multiple quantum wells: A way towards light extraction efficiency enhancement of III-nitride based light emitting diodes Journal of Applied Physics, 117(11). Guo, W., Kirste, R., Bryan, Z., Bryan, I., Gerhold, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2015
Growth and characterization of AlxGa1-xN lateral polarity structures Physica Status Solidi. A, Applications and Materials Science, 212(5), 1039-1042. Hoffmann, M. P., Kirste, R., Mita, S., Guo, W., Tweedie, J., Bobea, M., Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Gerhold, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2015
Finite element simulation and experimental investigation on homogeneity of Mg-9.8Gd-2.7Y-0.4Zr magnesium alloy processed by repeated-upsetting Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 225, 310-317. Zhou, H., Wang, Q. D., Guo, W., Ye, B., Jian, W. W., Xu, W. Z., Ma, X. L., & Moering, J. 2015
Sapphire decomposition and inversion domains in N-polar aluminum nitride Applied Physics Letters, 104(3). Hussey, L., White, R. M., Kirste, R., Mita, S., Bryan, I., Guo, W., Osterman, K., Haidet, B., Bryan, Z., Bobea, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2014
Stimulated emission and optical gain in AlGaN heterostructures grown on bulk AlN substrates Journal of Applied Physics, 115(10). Guo, W., Bryan, Z., Xie, J. Q., Kirste, R., Mita, S., Bryan, I., Hussey, L., Bobea, M., Haidet, B., Gerhold, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2014
Properties of AlN based lateral polarity structures Physica Status Solidi C-Current Topics in Solid State Physics, 11 2) (pp. 261-264). Kirste, R., Mita, S., Hoffmann, M. P., Hussey, L., Guo, W., Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Tweedie, J., Gerhold, M., Hoffmann, A., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2014
The effect of polarity and surface states on the Fermi level at III-nitride surfaces Journal of Applied Physics, 116(12). Reddy, P., Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Guo, W., Hussey, L., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2014
Fermi level control of compensating point defects during metalorganic chemical vapor deposition growth of Si-doped AlGaN Applied Physics Letters, 105(22). Bryan, Z., Bryan, I., Gaddy, B. E., Reddy, P., Hussey, L., Bobea, M., Guo, W., Hoffmann, M., Kirste, R., Tweedie, J., Gerhold, M., Irving, D. L., Sitar, Z., & Collazo, R. 2014
A new metastable precipitate phase in Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy Philosophical Magazine, 94(21), 2403-2409. Zhou, H., Xu, W. Z., Jian, W. W., Cheng, G. M., Ma, X. L., Guo, W., Mathaudhu, S. N., Wang, Q. D., & Zhu, Y. T. 2014
Comparative study of etching high crystalline quality AlN and GaN Journal of Crystal Growth, 366, 20-25. Guo, W., Xie, J., Akouala, C., Mita, S., Rice, A., Tweedie, J., Bryan, I., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2013
Lasing and longitudinal cavity modes in photo-pumped deep ultraviolet AlGaN heterostructures Applied Physics Letters, 102(17). Xie, J. Q., Mita, S., Bryan, Z., Guo, W., Hussey, L., Moody, B., Schlesser, R., Kirste, R., Gerhold, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2013
Polarity control and growth of lateral polarity structures in AlN Applied Physics Letters, 102(18). Kirste, R., Mita, S., Hussey, L., Hoffmann, M. P., Guo, W., Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Tweedie, J., Xie, J. Q., Gerhold, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2013
Antireflection effects at nanostructured material interfaces and the suppression of thin-film interference Nanotechnology, 24(23). Yang, Q. Y., Zhang, X. A., Bagal, A., Guo, W., & Chang, C. H. 2013
Lateral epitaxial overgrowth of nitrogen polar GaN on smooth nitrogen polar GaN templates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition Journal of Applied Physics, 112(11). Hussey, L., Mita, S., Xie, J. Q., Guo, W., Akouala, C. R., Rajan, J., Bryan, I., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2012
Multiscale modeling of metal-metal contact dynamics under high electromagnetic stress: Timescales and mechanisms for joule melting of Al-Cu asperities IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 45 1) (pp. 331-335). Irving, D. L., Padgett, C. W., Guo, Y., Mintmire, J. W., & Brenner, D. W. 2009
Morphological development and rheological changes of phenoxy/SAN blends during in-situ polymerization Journal of Polymer Science. Part B, Polymer Physics, 45(18), 2614-2619. Guo, Q. P., Arends, P., Thomann, R., Spontak, R. J., & Gronski, W. 2007

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