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Title Journal Year
Multifacet semipolar formation by controlling the groove depth via lateral sidewall epitaxy Journal of Crystal Growth, 367, 88-93. Frajtag, P., Nepal, N., Paskova, T., Bedair, S. M., & El-Masry, N. A. 2013
Overgrowth of GaN on GaN nanowires produced by mask-less etching Journal of Crystal Growth, 352 1) (pp. 203-208). Frajtag, P., Hosalli, A. M., Samberg, J. P., Colter, P. C., Paskova, T., El-Masry, N. A., & Bedair, S. M. 2012
Embedded voids approach for low defect density in epitaxial GaN films Applied Physics Letters, 98(2). Frajtag, P., El-Masry, N. A., Nepal, N., & Bedair, S. M. 2011
Embedded voids formation by overgrowth on GaN nanowires for high-quality GaN films Journal of Crystal Growth, 322(1), 27-32. Frajtag, P., Samberg, J. P., El-Masry, N. A., Nepal, N., & Bedair, S. M. 2011
Light emitting diodes based on sidewall m-plane epitaxy of etched GaN/sapphire templates Physica Status Solidi C-Current Topics in Solid State Physics, 8 7-8). Nepal, N., Frajtag, P., Zavada, J. M., El-Masry, N. A., & Bedair, S. M. 2011
Ferromagnetism and near infrared luminescence in neodymium and erbium doped gallium nitride via diffusion Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 1183) (pp. 45-50). Luen, M. O., Nepal, N., Frajtag, P., Zavada, J. M., Brown, E., Hommerich, U., Bedair, S. M., & El Masry, N. A. 2010
Electric field control of room temperature ferromagnetism in III-N dilute magnetic semiconductor films Applied Physics Letters, 94(13). Nepal, N., Luen, M. O., Zavada, J. M., Bedair, S. M., Frajtag, P., & El-Masry, N. A. 2009

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